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49ers Profiles: David Carr Is Our Futur-- uh.. Our Backup Plan!

Ninjames' Note: I considered posting this yesterday, but then I realized you all are a largely undeserving lot. Just kidding, I was instructed by Fooch to post it at this time so, you know. I don't get paid for this but I sure would hate to get my pay docked and end up having to pay or something. That wouldn't be cool. So here we go...

There was a period of maybe... two days where the collective NFL media wondered whether or not David Carr would be a serious competitor for the 49ers starting quarterback job. There really isn't anybody who thinks that now, but the team did leave the door open. They advocated Smith but made it "clear" that there would be some form of competition in training camp.

 What an odd stance.

So I don't have many things to go by with Carr as far as personal things are concerned. I know he's married, I know he has three kids, and I know that he's a very smart individual who is very well-spoken.Beyond that, all I know is what's on the field. Like I said before, I won't have something on everyone so I'll do what I can.

David Carr was treated much like our own Alex Smith. He was drafted by the Houston Texans in the 2002 draft. He was the first overall pick and had high expectations. He played well to start, but was soon made the most-sacked quarterback in a single season with 76. He missed four games over five season with the team.

He never quite played up to par, Carr didn't seem to have much confidence and was always getting hit hard. When 2006 rolled around, the Texans decided they were revamping the franchise and many players, Carr included, were released.

Carr went to the New York Giants, where he backed up Eli Manning. Carr was actually well-liked by Giants fans, some of whom I remember being a little upset whenever he came here, to play for the 49ers.

I can't offer much more than I already have. Carr was signed this offseason to backup and maybe compete with Alex Smith. Do you guys like the signing? Do you think it's a good thing that Carr was brought in over Shaun Hill? Personally, I liked Hill a lot but I totally understand the Carr signing. Does anyone think Carr can be a starter, even? Basically, with him as the backup, are you comfortable?

I suppose the argument can be made that Carr needs another chance. Alex Smith is on his last chance, is he not? Was Carr's last chance backing up Manning? That doesn't make sense because he played well, exceptionally well for them. Personally, I think the team should carry two quarterbacks on their roster and slide Nate Davis to the practice squad. I am actually pretty confident with David Carr backing up Smith and "making him better."

So sorry for rambling, but I don't know much on Carr. The next player profile will be comprehensive, as I'll be looking at either Joe Staley or Vernon Davis. At any rate, he seems like a good guy.