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Golden Nuggets: Intense stuff.

Good morning, folks. I uhm... I think I'm going insane. I can't find my remote and I'm stuck on Versus, in the 600s. My channel of preference is in the 200s. I'm watching cycling and what appears to be one of LondonNiner's delightful countrymen is trying to convince me that what I'm watching is, in fact, very, very intense. He's doing a sporting job, I'll give him that, but I suppose it's just not for me. Of note recently is Matt Maiocco emerging again into the 49ers beat writing world, with CSN Bay Area. Pays less than ESPN, which is where some people thought he'd go, but I think it's a great fit. He gets to write, more facetime on TV, things of that nature. Good fit. Also, I'm sure I have some links pertaining to the actual 49ers... maybe. Enjoy, folks.

Maiocco is right. This year is indeed a pivotal year for the 49ers. I've been an avid Smith-basher for awhile now but I'm ready to quiet down and see what happens. I am rooting for the guy, it's time for him to earn his keep. I just received an email from one of our members here asking to post the link to Maiocco's new blog's home page, so here it is. (

Travis LaBoy is eager to play for the team he rooted for. A bit about the guy I really don't know much about. I think he can do things for us, at any rate. Also a side note, I love that Barber replied to my comment on his Greg Manusky article. (

Sando reads just enough in to post-draft camps with some notes on them for the NFC West. (

Click the link, make the jump, get more links.. profit!

Ninjames sanity update: It appears that the cycling is over, and if not, it's on hiatus while this infomercial is on with the harriest (not a real word) man I've ever seen in my life telling me how I need to.. get insane.. with insanity fitness. Odd marketing.

How will Navorro Bowman do as a 49er? I like the guy a lot, I've read that he's the future replacement for Patrick Willis but I'm looking at Willis as our Ray Lewis, in a perfect world. What if they had drafted Lewis' replacement a couple years into his career? Poor kid. I, along with Coach Sing, have no hang-ups about Bowman's size as a potential TED linebacker replacement. I think he would fit the mold just fine. (

Fooch takes a final look at 49ers 2010 draft grades, figured I'd link it in case you missed it because I for one, love to read these things. I'll even be posting my own shortly, but not on here. (

A look at the NFC West post-camp signings. Don't read too much into them, cautions Sando. (

Free agent CB Will James met with the team yesterday and will be taking a tour of the team's facilities today. I think he could be a solid pickup. Maybe. (

One of the receivers the 49ers had in minicamp on a tryout basis signed onto the roster. (

The team thinks that Ted Ginn won't just be a kick returner, they believe he can contribute as a wide receiver as well. I'm not so confident. (

Samuel Lam weighs in on the possibilities. (

Hey, some fantasy football folks are saying the 49ers offense will make some serious strides next year. They know better than everyone, right? (

So should we be watching Michael Lewis and his salary? Sando has him on watch, among others. I like the guy a lot but I'm of the opinion that Mays could start day one and do everything he did, and do it better by week six. (

At least one 49ers fan is saddened that the team didn't sign free safety Darren Sharper. I'm glad they didn't, despite the fact that he's a proven winner he would have stunted the growth of a very promising Dashon Goldson. (

An offseason Q&A with Chilo Rachal. Probably my most memorable moment last year was Singletary on the mic saying "Chilo's gonna make me break him in half" or something like that. I don't remember exactly but it was awesome. Maybe it was "Chilo's gonna make me knock him out" and I'm just putting the words "break him in half" in Singletary's mouth because I so love the thought of Singletary snapping lineman in half. (

According to Fox Sports the Cardinals and the Rams are two teams likely to hold the number one pick/top ten pick in next years draft. I don't necessarily buy it, but nothing is more reliable than Fox Sports. Right? Riiiight? Ok. I'm sorry. (Fox Sports)

Who needs a number one receiver? The Rams don't! An interesting take, to be sure. (

Thanks for reading folks, all I've got for you today. I tried to pack as much in as I could.