Mark Roman 2.0?

First off let me start by saying in no way do I want roman back on the field! But instead would like to get into why i think someone has to be what he couldn't. Over the past few years I had many conversations with my pops why we had to get rid of him and the liability we all know he was. Lets look at why we even know who this guy is. I mean over his time in san fran. did he ever miss any time? I'm pretty sure he played all 16 games each of his seasons with the team. No easy task for any NFL player. Second he was always around a play which shows he had it upstairs (probably will make a heck of a coach at some point).

But this is where the positve if you can call it that ends! Always around the play only to screw it up, do to a lack of athleticism. Anyone remeber in '08 he singal handedly prevented clements from 3 picks!(Smiley if you read this I'm sure you can find the plays on 1 sure 1 against miami were clements had the proper jump and roman broke up the play by running into clements, the other 2 were similar plays against the rams in the game at st. louis. Clements has the jump on the deep ball and here comes roman barreling into him. And of course if your like me you remember exactly where you were and what you were feeling as "Favre and Lewis"(really) made magic.UURRGG!! He just lacked the explosive ablity (i.e. sub 4.5 40, 35" plus vert.) to be a playmaker. Like pops would always say "If he has no shot at makin' a Pro Bowl, I don't want him on my team! (as a starter)

Obviously his postion in manusky's D is important so who will be the one to take that spot? Now this kinda goes to the post fooch had yesterday on the battle between smith and maragos. I think mays will replace lewis at some point this season but could start out in the spot. However long term i guess Im hoping Reggie Smith can fill the role. He's flashed a little in pre season and in limited playing time. I just find myself thinking if his body in the 3rd yr of becoming NFL ready can hold up for 16 games, why can't he have the impact Goldson had last year? When all he really did was just stay healthy. One of the hardest things to do in the league! I know we have curtis taylor but i see him as the back up to goldson strictly and special teams. I just think reggie has that playmaker ability if he can just stay healty!

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