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Golden Nuggets: It's a Willis edition.

Good morning everyone. I swear I almost didn't get on for your Nuggets tonight. If I didn't love you guys so much, you'd be screwed. Yesterday, once the Patrick Willis press conference was done, it was all hockey for me. My Sharks are up 3-0 and I almost.. disappeared for awhile. Either way, I guess I'm here now so we can get to links and 49ers related stuffs. Patrick Willis was signed to a five year contract extension yesterday, it wasn't surprising in that I expected it to happen, but I was surprised at how quick the deal went down. Patrick Willis is clearly a great guy, a legitimately good person who got paid a lot less than he probably could have demanded. He deserves every penny he got and then some. I'm proud to have him be the face of our franchise. Alex Smith could blow up and be the next Peyton Manning and I'd still want Willis as the face of the franchise. Let's get to your links, though.

As stated, the 49ers signed Patrick Willis to an extension, an extension that makes him the highest paid middle linebacker in NFL history. (

When Willis was drafted, Mike Singletary didn't think very highly of him until he heard his story. (

Maiocco analyzes the 49ers. Should be a good read, but I couldn't read it as I'm running short on time. Still, can't imagine it not being something worth reading. (

The money won't dull Willis' desire to play football, won't possess him to bring anything less than Singletary's figure of "150%" (

A night Willis won't forget. Man, I don't even remember reading about this. So awesome, though. So very awesome. I love Sing. (

Fooch has some commentary and the transcript from the press conference yesterday. (

Travis LaBoy has some nice things to say about Willis. (

Willis is grateful to remain with the team and feels optimistic about the state of the team and their chances at being a future championship team. (

Playing smarter with pads may allow Willis to play for longer. (

So is Vernon Davis next in line to get an extension from the team? I hope so. (

LG David Baas faces a huge challenge at left guard. Personally, I feel like Baas is either gone this offseason or next season. (