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Golden Nuggets: Solid pickup.

Hey there, everyone. Ninjames here, getting your Nuggets a bit earlier than usual but I'll try and not miss anything of importance. I'm just in a slight hurry at the moment, got some things to take care of before I head to bed. Not a whole lot going on in 49erland, but at least something happened yesterday. The 49ers signed CB Will James. I like the signing, and I'll talk about it a bit later when I get to the link but I definitely wanted to say that I think Brown can be a starting CB in this league. I definitely want to see what (if anything) James can do but you know, I have been and will continue to be a strong supporter of Brown and what I believe he can do as the CB of this team. That being said, I'll just get to your links.

As stated, the 49ers signed CB Will James for one year. I think he'll see the field, last season he played really well, the best of his career thus far. (

Plummer gets giddy talking about Patrick Willis. Phil Barber: Captain Obvious. We ALL get giddy while talking about Patrick Willis. (

The James deal--does it spell the end for Walt Harris and Dre Bly in a 49ers uniform? (

An article about a local guy looking for his chance on an NFL roster. (

Here's the audio with Michael Robinson on KNBR. (

How Patrick Willis' contract affects the signing of other 49ers. (