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Golden Nuggets: Sign 'em all.

Good morning, everyone! Not a whole lot went down in 49erland yesterday but the NFL is abuzz with some news ranging from LT being arrested to JaMarcus Russell being cut by the Raiders. I woke up and saw that yesterday and I laaaaughed. This guy is useless, he should easily take Ryan Leaf's spot as the biggest draft bust of all time. As far as 49ers related things go, I'm sure we have more on Patrick Willis--including an article I vehemently disagree with, we've got my draft grades finally on my new blog, and the thing I'm most interested in currently as far as the Niners go: future contract extensions. I hope the 49ers get Davis, Franklin, Goldson and Lawson extended but in reality I know that at least one of them will be gone, and possibly two of them. Some people may not think Lawson belongs on that list, but I've argued my point for it.

Barrows takes yet another look at the key players the 49ers have to be thinking about extending. I really hope this team stays together as much as possible. To me the priority is Davis, Goldson, Lawson and then Franklin. (

Some notes about Patrick Willis and his stint on the media circuit following his recent contract extension, some of the things he's touched up on and all that. Man. I want to be friends with this guy. (

Because I'm OK with a little shameless self promotion, here's a link to my 49ers draft grades now that I've given it some time to digest. This is my new blog, you can find my introductory post here. (

Here's a transcript of Maiocco's first chat over at CSN. Good stuff here. Love the dig about not responding on Twitter. (

Nedney gives lessons and advice to an aspiring kicker. Cool stuff. (

Lynch takes a look at the best 1st round picks the 49ers have ever drafted. (

Willis is unlikely to be the face of the franchise. I guess, this writer makes points, they'd make sense... you know, if there was only one criteria that a face of a franchise could possibly fit in. (

Over at the Cardinals blog, they're of the opinion they'll start the season 2-0. I'm not so sure! Not so much for lack of faith in them, but I think the Falcons get a good start before a collapse. (