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JaMarcus Russell released: Digging back in the archives to highlight my idiocy

One of my favorite features here at Niners Nation is our story archive, which contains every front page post ever written at the site. What is particularly entertaining is looking back at some of the comments and analysis many of us have provided in the posts, and in the ensuing comments.

Earlier this week I posted about the 2007 draft and re-grading the 49ers picks. While doing some research on the topic I took a peek at our draft threads from back then. While looking at the first thread of the first day, I came across this gem in my live-blogging:

[Update 9:15] - So would you take Brady Quinn #1 overall because you can afford him, or will he be an effective centerpiece of the organization? I've warmed to Quinn recently, but I'm just not sure. I consider him a safe alternative to [Jamarcus] Russell, but if we looked at each at their potential peak Quinn could be great, Russell could be other-worldly.

Given yesterday's news that the Raiders released JaMarcus Russell, this seemed timely. The fact that I said Russell could be other-worldly blows my mind. I realize people thought there was a lot of upside with Russell (apparently me included), but obviously other-worldly didn't quite pan out. Gotta love those misses.