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Adults in jerseys: Where do you stand?

Over at SB Nation there was an interesting poll and discussion surrounding the issue of whether adults should wear sports jerseys. The question was specifically "should grown men wear team jerseys to sporting events?"

Where do you stand on this? I'm a fan of jerseys and like to wear jerseys for my favorite teams at appropriate times. For example, during the first weekend of the NCAA tournament I had my throwback Larry Johnson UNLV jersey. During 49ers games I'll roll out my Montana jersey or my Alex Smith jersey. My choice of wearing a jersey really depends a lot on the situation. While I don't usually wear jerseys on a daily basis, I see no problem with wearing a jersey at a sporting event.

A lot of the comments in the link above provide very specific rules. Do you have specific rules for wearing jerseys? Or are you straight for or against the idea of wearing jerseys to a sporting event?