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Golden Nuggets: Oh look, stuff happened.

Good morning everyone. We have some movement on the news front, which is always a good thing for me, because I absolutely hate posting a Nuggets that doesn't feel complete. Sometimes I just feel like I'm being lazy, which is most likely very true because, well, I'm generally lazy. But enough about me (if only because the 49ers are probably the only thing more important than random nuances from my life), we've got some Niners coverage to go through today. Yesterday there was more... I guess shakeups in the front office? Not really, it's just something that most of us expected would happen at one time or another. The final McCloughan on the team has parted ways with the 49ers, I guess I couldn't see him staying and I don't see it as an important loss. He has a replacement. Let's get to those links.

As stated, David McCloughan has been replaced by Joel Patten as the college scouting director for the 49ers. I probably won't pay attention to this beyond today. It's an important position, but one I've always (and will continue to) taken for granted. (

Mike Sando does a quick analysis of each of the teams in the NFC West and the offseason they've had. (

The 49ers can't promote Trent Baalke to GM due to the NFL's Rooney Rule. (

Here's my article on my favorite pick in this draft: Mike Iupati and the impact that he'll provide this coming season from my new blog. Shameless plug. (

You know, guys... Alex Smith is still pretty young... if he has a good season... we got ourselves a franchise QB for awhie, you know. (

There's a lot of pressure on Alex Smith to succeed. Come on though Lam, you didn't really just say "just like Rusell" did you?! (

A look at the risks vs rewards so far the 49ers have taken in the offseason. (

Is Willis' story suited for the movie screen? I'm not so sure but hey, he deserves all the respect he gets. I'll watch it. (

Something from the 49ers website, Sight to Sounds--it seems cool but I'm passing out, folks, so I can't watch it and confirm it's potential awesome. (