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Jason Hill: Long term 49er, or temporary fill-in?

A couple days ago, Matt Barrows put together a post looking at 49ers players coming up for new contracts in the next two years. It included the usual folks like Vernon Davis, Dashon Goldson, and Manny Lawson. It also mentioned some intriguing folks like quarterback Alex Smith and wide receiver Jason Hill. At this point, Hill is the one I'm particularly intrigued by:

WR Jason Hill. It's tough being a receiver on a team that favors running backs and tight ends. And it got even tougher for Hill after the team drafted Michael Crabtree and signed Ted Ginn Jr. At best, Hill is fourth on the depth chart. Injuries certainly have played a role in limiting his opportunities, but the overarching issue for Hill - and Brandon Jones - is the offensive philosophy. That being said, look for Hill to seek greener pastures as a free agent.

Where does Jason Hill fall in the over-arching chain of things in the coming year(s). The addition of Ted Ginn might seem to bump him back. If Brandon Jones can prove himself healthy in training camp, he could very well leap frog him.

In the coming weeks we'll begin assembling our projected 53-man roster, which will revolve around assessments of each position unit. The wide receiver position provides a whole host of competition. Does Jason Hill have a role beyond 2010? More importantly, what is his role in 2010?