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Golden Nuggets: Almost nothing.

Good morning people. Welcome to the Sharks blog... er... Wait. Sorry, yesterday was all Sharks and all UFC for me. I got on Niners Nation and had a bit of discussion earlier in the day but beyond that I'm not seeing that anything went down. So it seems we're coming to our first lacking day as far as links go in awhile, we've done pretty good for ourselves but it looks like I'm going to have to dig for something new. Maybe I'll repost a couple good articles, who knows. Had a good bit going about Jason Hill yesterday... I hope he sticks around as opposed to Brandon Jones. I just feel like Hill is more talented, and faster too. But uh... I'm running out of ways to ramble so I'll go pass out so I can wake up and enjoy what had better be a beautiful day. Enjoy the links, friends. (Too happy?)

Here's Sando's latest mailbag post. Always a decent read. (

I stated previously that I was OK with self-promotion, but I assure you that this link to my article is only second because I honestly can't find anything else. It's a bit about Patrick Willis and how much of an absolute beast he is. (

If you missed it, check out Drew K's top college running backs for next season. (

Speaking of college prospects.. it's never too early for a mock, right? How about an obscenely early 2011 mock from Walter Football for some more random linkage. (

Uh.. former 49er Ronald Fields was arrested. Yeah. (

So that's it for right now folks. Maybe there will be some morning articles I can update with.