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Sunday YouTube: Garrison Hearst 96 yard TD run to beat the Jets

Last week we began what I hope will be a regular feature called simply "Sunday YouTube." Last week's video featured highlights from the 49ers epic comeback to beat the Giants in the 2002 NFC Wildcard playoffs. This week is much shorter, but is a fun play nonetheless. Garrison Hearst is arguably one of the most popular 49ers of the recent past. He's a 2-time comeback player of the year and was just an absolute horse for the 49ers. He was a part of the franchise for seven years, while only playing for five of those seasons. However, he left an indelible mark on the franchise.

This particular video comes from the 49ers 1998 season opener against the New York Jets. The game was tied 30-30 in overtime, when Garrison Hearst ripped off one of the greatest runs in NFL history. One thing I remember reading about after the fact makes this even more amazing. Apparently this rushing play was the same one the team ran when Roger Craig fumbled against the Giants back in the 1990 NFC Title game.

After the jump I've posted a bit of bonus video looking at Garrison Hearst's career comebacks.