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Welcome to June 1: Known to some 49ers fans as Free OJ Atogwe Day

In years past, June 1 was a big day when a lot of big money veterans were cut so their previous team could save a little cap money. Changes in the amount of cap space most teams have available, and maybe even some smarter front offices, has led to the June 1 date becoming less and less important in the past few years.

However, this year's is of some significance because of a particular restricted free agent. Rams safety O.J. Atogwe entered restricted free agency this offseason and was tendered at the lowest possible option by the Rams: the right of first refusal tender. As of today, since the Rams did not come to terms on a long term deal with Atogwe, they either have to guarantee him a $7 million salary in 2010, or they have to cut him. If that has happened by the time this goes up (I'm scheduling this the night before), I'll update this post accordingly when I wake up.

I honestly do not expect the 49ers to make a move for Atogwe given the team's decision to draft Taylor Mays. I'm sure some folks would like to see something happen, but I'm not in that crowd. The team has a fairly crowded group of safeties, and even with Michael Lewis potentially on the way out at some point, I just don't see it happening.

In the meantime, this is still a significant date for the remaining restricted free agents that have not signed their tenders (not an issue for the 49ers). For those remaining RFAs, as of June 1, if they have not signed the tendered contract, the original club can extend the qualifying offer and thereby retain exclusive rights to the player. If the original qualifying offer is greater than 110 percent of the player's 2009 base salary and the player does not sign that contract by June 15, the team can substitute the June 1 tender with a new June 15th tender of 110 percent of the RFA's 2009 base salary and continue to retain exclusive rights to the player.  If the player does not sign by Week 10, he cannot play in 2010.

After the jump, I've posted the list of unsigned restricted free agents.

Club Name Player Name Pos
Arizona Cardinals Lutui, Deuce G
Baltimore Ravens Gaither, Jared T
Baltimore Ravens Landry, Dawan SS
Baltimore Ravens McClain, Le'Ron FB
Carolina Panthers Davis, Thomas OLB
Carolina Panthers Marshall, Richard CB
Cleveland Browns Elam, Abram SS
Cleveland Browns Harrison, Jerome RB
Cleveland Browns Jackson, D'Qwell ILB
Cleveland Browns Roth, Matt OLB
Cleveland Browns Vickers, Lawrence FB
Dallas Cowboys Austin, Miles WR
Dallas Cowboys Sensabaugh, Gerald SS
Denver Broncos Dumervil, Elvis OLB
Green Bay Packers Bigby, Atari SS
Green Bay Packers Jolly, Johnny DE
Green Bay Packers Williams, Tramon CB
Houston Texans Daniels, Owen TE
Indianapolis Colts Bethea, Antoine FS
Kansas City Chiefs Page, Jarrad FS
Miami Dolphins Brown, Ronnie RB
Miami Dolphins Fasano, Anthony TE
Minnesota Vikings Edwards, Ray DE
New England Patriots Mankins, Logan G
New Orleans Saints Brown, Jammal T
New Orleans Saints Harper, Roman SS
New Orleans Saints Moore, Lance WR
New Orleans Saints Thomas, Pierre RB
San Diego Chargers Floyd, Malcom WR
San Diego Chargers Jackson, Vincent WR
San Diego Chargers McNeill, Marcus T
San Diego Chargers Merriman, Shawne OLB
St. Louis Rams Atogwe, Oshiomogho FS
Tampa Bay Bucs Penn, Donald T
Tennessee Titans Tulloch, Stephen MLB
Washington Redskins McIntosh, Rocky OLB
Washington Redskins Rogers, Carlos CB