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Golden Nuggets: Wooh, links!

Well good morning everyone. Hope you all had a good memorial day and all that. Mine was pretty good, I did mostly nothing because I don't have the means to celebrate the holiday in the way that I imagine it's supposed to be celebrated. I honestly keep forgetting it exists. Fooch emailed me yesterday and said something about moving a post to a different day because it was a holiday and I felt pretty stupid. Then again... I feel stupid all the time, so you know. Anyway, Unlike yesterday, I've actually got some links and such for you to browse today. Not a whole lot, mind you, but we have a productive day coming up on Niners Nation. So check out the links I've got, make the jump and check up on the usual slew of things I've added to the Nuggets. Enjoy, folks.

Pass the OJ? Barrows takes a look at the possibility of signing the Rams' safety, and also a look at the safeties the 49ers currently have on the roster. (

Experience definitely matters... but don't tell our front office that, alright? (

Solari brings intensity to the 49ers o-line. I think Solari might be my favorite coach on the team. (

The team drafted LB Navorro Bowman because of his speed. I'm alright with that, he was productive. (

I currently don't have flash... upgraded to the new Ubuntu 64-bit and have yet to get it, but this 'should' be the video for the commercial that has been airing urging voters to vote yes on Measure J, or, the 49ers stadium campaign proposal. If it's something else uh.. let me know. (

Kawakami has another article on the stadium situation, a bit about the Yorks possibly selling the team if they can't get a stadium built. I'll be honest, I didn't read it. I don't want to insult the guy anymore, he must have a job for a reason, but I'm saying now that any Kawakami article I link to.. I will not have read it before hand. (

Here's's memorial day tribute, which a NN reader linked me to in an email. I'll admit, it's only hear because someone from my hometown is in the video... Modesto represent! (

Beat Writer Twitter Roundup

Maiocco: Drafting for need vs. BPA. Eventual starter, but probably not Year 1. RT @sancarlosbrad Shouldn't 3rd round be starter not special teams? (This tweet was in reference to Navorro Bowman. That really tickles me. 3rd round is drafting for a starter in every situation? Not to mention that Bowman wasn't drafted for special teams)

Rival Blog Buzz Over at Revenge of the Birds, they have their link dump of sorts, which you know a man like me can appreciate, at Turf Show Times they have their's as well, and also a post about Steven Jackson and their rushing attack, refuting some irresponsible journalism, and at FIeld Gulls, a post about Justin Forsett and smaller backs in general

Yesterday On Niners Nation Kicked off with what I'm not going to call "Lucious Links by Naughty Ninjames"... no? oh wait, we don't have very many female readers.. alright.. well then it was the Golden Nuggets, then I had a 49ers Profile on David Carr,  Fooch had a post about players and their agents, and then I debuted a series of posts called At Least We're Not..., the first being on the Arizona Cardinals. 

Today On Niners Nation (All times pacific and subject to change)

6:00 AM - Fooch will have a post about restricted free agency and OJ Atogwe.

9:00 AM - He'll also have the next 53-man roster projection, with a look at the halfbacks. 

12:00 Noon - Smileyman is supposed to have a post up at this point.

2:00 PM - Urnext likely has his post for the afternoon.

4:30 PM - I may or may not have a player profile going up at 4:30. We'll see!

Yesterday's Best Comment "I will now shower naked on UStream in honor of this post." by 49er16. Was there seriously any doubt to this? F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5F5.