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Golden Nuggets: Is it 2014 yet?

Good morning everyone. Hope it's a good one. Is everyone excited? I guess not everyone is, a few people yesterday were upset about the stadium measure passing. As far as I can tell it all relates to travel issues, which I suppose I can understand, but it's not the end of the world. Travel would be different for any new stadium, regardless of where it's built. Still, I guess it's died down a bit for me, too, I just don't like the idea of the team playing anywhere but San Francisco--but it's something I've grown to accept. Aside from links pertaining to the stadium and what the next steps are, I'm not too sure I have very many links to provide today, but we'll see, I know the majority of what I can find will be speculation and news on the stadium. Either way, got a lot of stuff going up today on Niners Nation, so read on and enjoy your links.

If you haven't seen it yet, you need to check out the website for the new stadium. It's ambitious, I like it a lot, and if anything--the website is fantastically well done. Too bad I'm on a satellite connection presently and it's almost impossible to run. (

York's work on this stadium is just beginning. Still, it's a nice hurdle to be over, if you're in support of the stadium, that is. I'm unapologetically biased. (

Barrows took a video of the site where the 49ers want to build the stadium, it's a bit old of a video so make sure you read Matt's introduction first or you won't really know what you're looking at. (

Lowell Cohn looks at the funds at work for the 49ers stadium and the likelihood of such funds ever materializing. (

So what really is different about Alex Smith? I do like the way, in the article, that Sando mentions he initially questions Joe Staley, and the answer given actually does give me more reason for optimism. (

Jed York has hit, and will continue to hit the media circuit in promotion of this stadium. The bit in the beginning about the Cowboys fan is interesting. (

WR Michael Crabtree wants to go from "good to great". We all want him to, no doubt. I believe he can, too. (

How the stadium measure was passed--note that I didn't read this yet. (

The players are feeling support with the stadium measure passing. I hadn't thought of this angle yet, pretty cool if they really are affected positively by.. well, pretty much anything. (

Here's the audio from a conference call with Jed York from the official website. (

York told Sando that the stadium costs will not have any affect of the on-the-field operations of the team. In that, putting up funds for the stadium won't cause the team to be stingy with player contracts and other expenses of that nature. (

Here's a picture (and another link to the new website) of the billboard that's going to be at the site where the 49ers will build their new stadium. (

Beat Writer Twitter Roundup (My thoughts in italics and parenthesis)

Barber: RT @MustangStud49: @Skinny_Post Are the 49ers gonna stay SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS? Yes. Definitely. Beyond debate. (Cannot stress this enough folks. There is no debate. San Francisco 49ers)

Barrows: Over/under is $150M ... @Tre9er I keep reading the $500M comes from the #49ers and the #NFL but how much will NFL realistically contribute?

Barrows: Rams will retire Isaac Bruce's No. 80. No word yet on whether 49ers plan to retire Bruce's No. 80 practice jersey ... (Funny, Bee-rows, funny)

Rival Blog Buzz At Revenge of the Birds, their latest prediction of their 2010 schedule--they've got a win against us apparently, and their quote of the day. At Field Gulls, another post about Golden Tate and one of those ... play-by-plays. At TST, a post about Steven Jackson and his carries, a bit about signing defensive tackle Chris Hovan, a post about some happenings with the players association, and their Random Ramsdom for the day.

Yesterday On Niners Nation Started off with the usual Nuggets, and then I had a general post about the stadium and OTAs in the morning, Fooch then talked about SB Nation's regional hubs that are launching, including a Bay Area site that we'll be working on, I linked to an interview SB Nation had with the NFLPA executive directorDeMaurice Smith, Drew K had his latest NCAA prospects post, and Fooch posted some comments from Jed York on the stadium.

Today On Niners Nation (All times pacific and subject to change.)

7:00 AM - Drummer will have something in the morning, though I'm not sure what.

11:00 AM - Smileyman will have another football university post, looking at Special Teams.

2:00 PM - Andrew has a post going up looking at the recently released football game, Backbreaker.

4:00 PM - I'll have a player profile or something of the sort at this point tomorrow.

49ers Tweet Of The Day "Niner for life baby!" from Vernon Davis, whose Twitter is here. Man, I really hope so. Which is surreal because I recall a time when I wanted (and many of you wanted) Davis gone, labeling him a bust.

Yesterday's Best Comment "Especially when you put it in the right place Tre." by LondonNiner. Perfect.