Key Losses

I was reading over at the Cardinals blog where they were predicting their games this season. The article can be found here: They are predicting a win against us in Arizona, which I don't totally agree with but since it is a division game it could go either way (see Seahawks game last year.)

I don't want to focus on that though as I am sure one of the front page authors will cover that as it gets closer to the season.

What I do want to focus on is the ‘key losses' that it lists for the 49ers. There are 6 players listed for key losses, they are: Arnaz Battle (WR), Dre'Bly (CB), Walt Harris (CB), Marcus Hudson (CB), Tony Pashos (OT), and Jeff Ulbrich (LB). I am going to add in one more, Shaun Hill (QB). Let's look at these 7 players and see who are ‘key loss' was.

Arnaz Battle (WR): Was drafted by the 49ers in 2006, round 6: pick 197. Battle was a QB at Notre Damn before being switched to WR. He was drafted by the 49ers to play WR, and as far as I know we never gave him a shot at QB. His states are 178 receptions for 2,150yds and 11 TDs. 887 return yards and 1 return TD. After we lost TO Battle stepped up as the top WR on the team for a while. However after drafting Crabtree last year, Morgan stepping up, signing Jones, and all the other younger WRs on the team we let him go.

Dre' Bly (CB): The 49ers signed Bly after Harris went down in camp. He played in 16 games, started 6. 26 tackles, 1 sack, and 3 ints. However he will always be remembered for his quote that went something like "Dre' Bly will be Dre' Bly and I don't care if I get run down by a WR at home, I am going to show off when I want to show off.." Okay maybe not completely like that.

Walt Harris (CB): The 49ers signed Harris in 2006 at the age of 32ish. In 2006 and 2007 he started 15 games and 16 in 2008. However he went down with an injury in training camp after getting tangled up with a WR. He has about 170 tackles, 2 sacks, and 15 ints with 1 TD.

Shaun Hill (QB): Any one that doesn't know the story about Shaun Hill was living under a rock last off season. He was undrafted, played for the Vikings, played in Europe, got a shot with the 49ers and made the most of it. There was a lot of controversy, and while one could argue about his playing skills, one cannot argue that he was a leader on the team and a presence in the locker room (he was the best-man at Smith's wedding and was always interviewed on ‘The Joe Show'). As soon as the 49ers signed Carr we all knew Hill was gone, but I think it was a disgrace to send him to the Lions for a 2011 7th round pick... WTF?? Plus Hill said he first learned about the trade from the media, that's not cool. When starting he has a 10-6 record.

Marcus Hudson (CB): Hudson was drafted by the 49ers in 2006. While never getting a start he did play on special teams, and has a total of 52 tackles. He has also defended 3 passes. Wikipedia has nothing listed for his Professional Career.

Tony Pashos (OT): Was signed to play RT, got hurt, and didn't play. End of story.

Jeff Ulbrich (LB): In terms of locker room leaders, Ulbrich had been one of the biggest. He was drafted by the 49ers in 2000 during the 3rd round. I believe last year he was admitted as a member of the '10 year wall.' Ulbrich won the starting job in 2001 and started until he got hurt in 2005. He also started a bit in 2006. However in 2007 the 49ers drafted a mutant, super hero, genetic monster, Willis. Ulbrich was still a factor on special teams until a concussion knocked him out for the remainder of the 2009 season.

Well there it is the 49ers ‘key losses'. Are we really going to miss anyone? I mean other then Ulbrich we just let the others go. Who do you believe was our ‘key loss'?

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