Let's Be Biased Today

Alright, I know some of you (us) are biased every day. There are players whom we just like, sometimes because we really believe in their potential, other times because well, we just do. Some of these players you may like because they've been great, which is fine. If you want to say "I'm biased and love Patrick Willis!" that's completely fine, a little bit of a mancrush on P-Willie never hurt, this post just isn't for those of you who are fans of people like Brit Miller or Jehuu Caulcrick.

More or less, who is your favorite 49er? Why are they your favorite 49er? If you'd like, give us one that's not so crazy, and one that may be a little bit unrealistic. So 'biased' doesn't really do it justice, but you know what I mean. And if you don't, too bad I'm moving on without you.

I suspect every "unrealistic" bias toward a player is still realistic to an extent. Those of you who are high on Miller really do believe he can be good. People high on Jehuu Caulcrick love that power and running ability and, as opposed to believing in him, are moreso hoping for him. Anybody confirm that theory for me?

Anyway, so I'll list a couple.

Takeo Spikes Alright, so this one is my "realistic" pick. Spikes is just an awesome dude and it helps that he's a great player on the field. Does everything we ask of him, and is definitely a personality. TKO TV, his sack dance, his fire when not in the game (see mic'd up), things of that nature. Just an awesome guy.

Dominique Zeigler He hate me! Get off my back, alright? Ziggy is a rad dude, and actually shows a lot as a receiver. I think his problem thus far is that his actual on-the-field role is a little bit unclear. Is he a slot guy, what should he do? Well I'll tell you what his skill-set is. He's got sure hands, at least from a pass-catching standpoint. Big hands, has no problem snagging a ball with one of them but prefers to blanket it with both palms, and the dude has hops like you wouldn't believe. Good size, so ideally he should be a go-to guy for high grabs at sidelines or back of end zone. Either way, I just love this guy.

Thomas Cl--oh alright nevermind.

I look forward to seeing a lot of Boone, Miller, Caulcrick--etc here. Anybody like Diyral Briggs? I'm really considering officially bandwagoning him, I think he stands a chance at being the 53rd player on if the team decides they want another linebacker, Singletary and Manusky really like him and I think if he gets some meat on those bones he could be good.

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