Yes yes I know that this isn’t football or 49ERS related, but for those fubol (soccer) fans and those alike that aren’t, just bare with me and join me after the jump.


We all know the world cup is tomorrow, and we all know that it is the biggest spectacle of sports in the world (aside from the Olympics). We are going to see familiar teams, faces, and names; some old and some new. One of the newest things (if you have been under a rock) is that this will be the FIRST EVER World Cup in Africa. A lot of you are asking, “Well, why is this a big deal?” and I say, please, let me explain. Since the World Cup was first started in 1930, there have only been a 14 countries that have hosted this great sporting event and some of them hosting it twice. These are: Uruguay, Italy, France, Brazil, Switzerland, Sweden, Chile, England, Mexico, German, Argentina, Spain, U.S.A., and Japan/Korea.

The one thing that all these countries have in common is that they are all very close to each other (except of course for the European and Latin America countries). When it was announced that Japan and S. Korea would host the World Cup, it was a big sensation. Never had it been taken to any country outside of Europe or the Americas, but a lot of people knew that this was the change that the sport needed. The 2002 Japan/Korea World Cup opened up the door for many countries/continents to host the game. Now it is Africa’s turn, and I personally like it! It brings the world view over to Africa and shows the beautiful side of the country, not just the so-called “war-torn and A.I.D.S. infested continent” that has tarnished the beauty that this continent has to offer (I personally hate that they have been given this ugly face to wear). As the tournament goes on, they will show the culture and people that live in this beautiful land. People from around the world will go to South Africa to watch the game; while others will sit at home with family and friends at the wee hours of the night as they cheer their team to glory!


Now for you who don’t know what teams are taking place in this tournament let me list them out to you in their respective groups:


Group A

France, Mexico, South Africa, Uruguay

Group B

Argentina, Greece, South Korea, Nigeria

Group C

Algeria, England, Slovenia, USA

Group D

Australia, Germany, Ghana, Serbia

Group E

Cameroon, Denmark, Japan, Netherlands

Group F

Italy, New Zealand, Paraguay, Slovakia

Group G

Brazil, Ivory Coast, North Korea, Portugal

Group H

Chile, Honduras, Germany, Switzerland


Now, a lot of the analysts of the sport of soccer are calling this possibly the best World Cup EVER! The reason I see them saying such a bold statement is because a lot of the top teams had struggles getting into the World Cup, and some reverted to cheating just to get in. Now I’m not pointing any elbows (FRANCE!!!!), but that’s not a very impressive way get in. So in saying all this, who do YOU think will be on top holding the trophy that all the countries want?



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