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Golden Nuggets: A mere 17 sacks.

We had another day of organized team activities and even more reason to be optimistic about the upcoming NFL season. The reports coming out of the OTAs are almost all positive. We've got plenty of looks at the OTAs from the beat writers, some notes and quotes and the like. Have an awesome quote from Ahmad Brooks, and it seemed the defense stepped it up yesterday, which is nice. Don't shatter Smith's confidence though, guys--last thing we need is Patrick Willis making him feel like a failure. Seriously, that is the last thing we need. I've probably got more for you on the 49ers potential new stadium, and beyond that--the usual assortment of added stuff in the Nuggets today. So enjoy your linkage.

Ahmad Brooks would be satisfied with a mere 17 sacks. Man, I'm liking this guy more and more each day, aren't you? Manny who? (

The 49ers have made it this far in stadium plans before, only to have them fall through. Let's hope they don't this time. (

On Mike Sando's radar is S Dashon Goldson. I think it's safe to say he's on everyone's radar, no? (

David Carr had a good day of practice yesterday, as did the 49ers' safeties. I still believe it will be Lewis starting in week one. (

Regardless, the younger safeties are pushing Lewis for his job, and he knows it, too. (

The safeties seem a lot stronger now, and Glen Coffee has put on some more weight, which is good for his style of running. (

Here are Samuel Lam's notes on yesterday's OTAs. (

Mike Iupati and Anthony Davis are seeing their workload increase--something they both seem to be alright with. I'm glad to see these guys playing as much as possible. Day one starters in my mind. (

Check out the transcript from Sando's latest NFC West chat. (

Here is Barber's notes from yesterday's OTA session. (

Taylor Mays is defending USC's program. He can say what he wants, frankly I find it all hilarious. (

Here's something about the Raiders and the 49ers stadium from Ray Ratto--I refuse to read it, for a number of reasons. (

Rookie Keaton Kristick finally made his way onto the field yesterday, after not being able to participate due to academic restrictions. (

Our defense exacted their revenge yesterday, playing well after a multiple (and I really do mean multiple) touchdown day in the last day of OTAs. (

Hall-of-Famer Rod Woodson gave Patrick Willis some advice on leadership yesterday. (

San Francisco isn't giving up on a new 49ers stadium, either. (

Beat Writer Twitter Roundup (My comments in parenthesis and italics)

Maiocco: It would be tear down and rebuild, and traffic issues would still exist. RT @jovicat why not fully renovate Candlestick vs build new?

Maiocco: 49ers set up to take advantage of misfortune of NFC West foes. Cards' QB retired; Rams are bad; and Seahawks face two-year postseason ban. (Pretty humorous, look below for the follow-up tweet)

Maiocco: Of 15 folks who "Tweeted" me about NFC West crack, 9 got it and 6 wondered if Pete Carroll's NFL team has really been banned from playoffs

Barber: RT @jguzikowski: Have we gotten good value out of our late picks recently: RJF, Taylor >> Just to be on roster a yr later is good for 7th rd (True, but how much value have we gotten in the earlier rounds from the past two years?)

Maiocco: Asked an assistant how "so-and-so" was looking. The answer: "They all look good in shorts. Ask me again in training camp." Fair enough.

Barber: RT @ninnyjams: Have you seen Coffee catch any passes out of backfield? Or any drops? >> He has looked smooth to me

Barber: RT @ninnyjams: Is that really what diva means, though? >> If you're talking about look-at-me attitude, haven't seen it (Was having a discussion on what 'diva' should mean. Established that he is a diva of sorts in the eyes of reporters because he declines interviews, but this tweet clarifies the other meaning)

Rival Blog Buzz ROTB had a post ranking the NFC West quarterbacks, and their Flock of Links. Turf Show Times had their Random Ramsdom, and a post concerning Isaac Bruce and whether or not he'll make the Hall Of Fame.

Yesterday On Niners Nation Kicked off with the Nuggets, then we had a post about Frank Gore, Smileyman had a Football University post, then there was a post about the 49ers hosting a family day at Candlestick, Andrew Davidson had a review on Backbreaker, and then Drummer had a post to close out the day.

Today On Niners Nation (All times pacific and subject to change)

7:00 AM - A post from Howtheyscored, I'm told it will have something to do with the 49ers past Super Bowls and a tournament so... yeah!

11:00 AM - Andrew Davidson will have another fantasy football post.

2:00 PM - Josh Branco returns with another Know Thy Enemy post.

49ers Tweet Of The Day "I got the original nintendo that I still play till this day...that's crazy" by Nate Clements, whose Twitter is here. Hey Nate, that system was rather.. overrated.

Yesterday's Best Comment "It’s familiarity breeding contempt and if it didn’t exist as a normal emotion the divorce rate wouldn’t be so high. You spot a gorgeous girl (or Joe Montana), you start to date them (regular play-off appearances), then you marry them (five Super Bowls), then things are OK for a bit (Jeff Garcia) and then start to get a bit dull. We’ve all had young children (the tedious stadium saga) and Mike Nolan was the unsexy underwear that comes a decade into the new marriage. But the new stadium is coming now (that’s when the child grows into an adult we can take glowing pride in) and who knows, the Singletary era might be the time she starts wearing sexy underwear again." from LondonNiner. Another reader made a good point in that I need to not only include the funny comments, and for what it's worth, none of you lot were funny yesterday. Either way, this one had a bit of funny and a bit of awesome truth, so there.