Is Ted Ginn, Jr. really a lock to make roster?

I had to stop and think today when doing some roster projections in my head. This 80-man roster the team will take to camp is full of very talented guys...guys who, if they are cut, will probably be backups at the very least on another team come week 1.

Think of the safeties: Michael Lewis, Taylor Mays, Dashon Goldson, Reggie Smith, Curtis Taylor. I think all 5 are good enough to be on our roster and I'd hate to lose one.

What about CB's? Karl Paymah, Will James, Shawntae Spencer, Nate Clements, Phillip Adams, Tarell Brown. The team will keep 5 of these guys I'd just about guarantee it. You need 7 DB's to play Quarter coverage and even if you use 3 safeties that's 4 CB's (what if one get's hurt? What about special teams?).

With Navorro Bowman coming in there could be 5 ILB's on the roster (unless you believe they'll just cut Wilhelm, who's the only backup with more than 1 year of NFL experience).

The team also has 4 very decent OLB's to keep, at least 5 DL's (don't see them cutting Kentwan Balmer just yet), 8 OL's (you keep 7 you better have a killer guy on the PS or an itchy free agency finger).

It could get really hard to keep everyone.

That got me also thinking about the WR's. We know Michael Crabtree and Josh Morgan are locks based on Crabtree's immense talent and even production in 2009 though limited in opportunities. Morgan is tough and a coaches' favorite.

I think Kyle Williams will make the team because of his unique quickness, hands, snatching skills, and going over the middle...he's the best slot receiver prospect the team's had in a long time. Then there's Jason Hill who plays special teams and has great hands as well as a knack for getting open.

That leaves us with Tedd Ginn, Jr. Will the team keep 5 WR's? They rarely run 3-wides except on 3rd and long. The popular formation last year was single back, two TE's (12 personnel).

Do they need to keep Ginn because of his speed and kick return abilities? It seems like he's not the most likely punt return guy and we all know about the potential for drops in the receiving game. So yeah, he has speed to draw that speed plus kick returns enough to push someone else off the roster?

What about a guy like LeRoy Vann? What if Vann and Williams show they can handle kick returns just as well or better than Ginn? What if Vann fights and shows he can be the 5th CB? Sure he's short but he's a fighter, he's quick, has a big vertical, and he was a starting CB in college, albeit for a small school.

What if it's between Ginn and Travis LaBoy? Ginn and Curtis Taylor?

And lastly, what if Dominique Zeigler shows extremely well in camp and pre-season? Zeigler is far and away the tallest WR at 6'3" and also has great (and great BIG) hands. The team hasn't had that kind of end zone WR in some time (yes I know we have Vernon Davis but he doesn't run fade routes to the corner matched up on the outside against a 5'10" DB very often).

So I ask Ted Ginn, Jr. a lock for the 53-man roster, no matter what?

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