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Golden Nuggets: Really liking Brooks right now.

Good morning everyone. We're a day removed from organized team activities and links are, how you say, scarce. I have some quality reading for you, but if you missed yesterday's Golden Nuggets, there was quite a bit to sort through, so you can go ahead and check that out. As far as today, I'm sure there's some more thoughts on the training camps that just closed and things of that nature. I didn't pay too much attention today, if you'll forgive me, I had some plans and then I was watching UFC 115, which was a fantastic pay per view for those of you who are MMA fans and missed it. It made me realize though, just how big a fan I've become. My favorite fighter is Tyson Griffin, and he lost last night, and it really did a number on my mood for awhile, and it still is. He was probably two wins away from a title fight, I felt like I feel when the 49ers are eliminated from the playoffs of playoff contention. I suppose I'm truly hooked.

The 49ers enter their final week of offseason practices starting tomorrow, and Maiocco has some notes on it. (

LeRoy Vann has been showing up as a cornerback as well as a return man in practice. (

The silver lining to some of the starters being absent is that the second-teamers get a chance to shine. I'm very happy with Ahmad Brooks and the way he has looked thus far. (

The future is unclear for QB Nate Davis. I like the guy a lot, but I do want the best for the job out there. Coincidentally, I do think he's the best for the job. The 3rd string QB job, if you haven't been paying attention. (

Here is Sando's latest mailbag post. (

Singletary will not tolerate any more fighting in practice. (

Karl Paymah is yet another cornebrack on the 49ers roster who is confident in his game. I suppose he'll be getting a roster spot, which is a shame, mostly because I think James is a much better cornerback. (

Rival Blog Buzz ROTB had a Caption This segment, and at TST, a post about offensive line woes.

Yesterday On Niners Nation We kicked off with the Golden Nuggets, then we had a post about Ricky Jean-Francois, I had some more questions that needed to be answered, and then we had an open thread for the USA vs England World Cup game.

Today On Niners Nation (Times are pacific and if they end up being not true, you can file a complaint.. somewhere)

7:00 AM - I'll have a player profile up in the morning, I believe on Patrick Willis.

11:00 AM - Fooch has a post at this point, though I'm not entirely sure what it's about. A game of some sort. I think.

2:00 PM - Not sure what is up here, but we'll have something, sorry folks, again I wasn't around long today.

Yesterday's Best Comment "Hmmm... …think’n there should be a disclaimer about the proper usage of when and how much kewl-aid one particapate’s inn…!!" by Edggy. Indeed.