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Golden Nuggets: Slow offseason is slow.

Morning everyone. Yesterday was a very slow day, but things should pick up and get going today and throughout the week. I think we get a little spoiled during the season, during draft time and duing OTAs. I'm really sorry but I am passing out right now, tha't's the third time since I began writing this so I'll do what I can to make sure you get all relevant links and I'll do what I can after the jump. There's still only a few links regardless, if I missed anything and you find it, why not  link it in the comments for discussion? Enjoy.

Joe Staley had some comments about the 49ers pass rushers. (

Cohn has a really lame article. These teams hate eachother, alright? That's not something that came to rise when blogging started. It's been like that, and it's going to stay like that. (

Yesterday On Niners Nation We started off with the Golden Nuggets, I then had a player profile on Patrick Willis, Fooch had a post about making the trip to see the 49ers play in London, and then Smileyman had a quick post about the Denver Broncos and their meltdown

Today On Niners Nation (Times are pacific and subject to change)

6:00 AM - We'll have a transcript from Singletary's media session on Friday.

8:00 AM - Fooch rolls out his next 53-man roster projection, looking at the cornerback position.

11:00 AM - I believe Smileyman will have a by-the-numbers post at this point.

1:00 PM - Urnext may have a post, but I'm unsure.

4:00 PM - I'll try and get the next At Least We're Not... post out there.