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Niners by the Numbers: 4 through 6

Today's post is brought to you buy the numbers 4, 5, and 6

We have twelve 49ers who wore those numbers and here they are:

Player Position College Spot Drafted Years Played Jersey Number
Doug Brian Kicker California Undrafted 1994-1995 4
Bill LaFleur Punter Nebraska Undrafted 2002-2003 4
Andy Lee Punter Pittsburgh 188 2004--current 4
Reggie Roby Punter Iowa Undrafted 1988 4
Max Rungaer Punter South Carolina Undrafted 1984-1988 4
Chad Stanley Punter Stephen F. Austin Undrafted 1999-2000 4
Jeff Brockhaus Kicker Missouri Undrafted 1987 5
Jeff Garcia QB San Jose State Undrafted 1999-2003 5
Matt Cavanaugh QB Pittsburgh 50 1983-1985 5
MIke Cofer Kicker North Carolina State 67 1988-1993 6
Cary Conklin QB Washington 86 1995 6
Joe Nedney Kicker San Jose State Undrafted 2005--current 6


The winners from this batch were pretty easy


Representing the number 4--Andy Lee

Representing the number 5--Jeff Garcia (I didn't realize until doing this that he wasn't drafted. He started in the CFL before being signed by the 49ers as a backup to Young)

Representing the number 6--Joe Nedney