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Golden Nuggets: Good stuff yesterday.

Morning folks, a refreshed, revived and re...not tired Ninjames here with your Nuggets for the day. We only had two links for you yesterday, in part because of me being very tired, but mostly because there just weren't many links to be giving. I did search, albeit I was asleep for half of the time I was supposed to be searching, but I did search. Anyway, the 49ers began another string of organized team activities yesterday and all seems to be good. There wasn't a whole lot going on as far as "big happenings" during said OTA sessions, but I suppose that means everyone was doing their job to a good degree. I would like it if more things stood out, though. Mostly because that means more links for me to give. Anyway, I'm going to get to them so I can start writing my morning piece for you lot. Enjoy.

Ray McDonald was arrested yesterday on suspicion of DUI. Sucks, even if he wasn't really drunk or anything, the speed that he was repeatedly going at is just far too much. I do not approve.. (

Patrick Willis was back on the practice field yesterday, which got the rest of the players excited. Glad to see him back so fast. (

He looked sharp out there, as did the whole defense. Good stuff, it's what I like to hear. (

The team signed 6th round running back Anthony Dixon, we had some good discussion on it. (

Ray McDonald was clocked at 94 miles per hour. Not good. Coincidentally, that's the same speed that Mays was going when he was driving one of those Flinstones cars. (

Here's some notes from today's practices from Barber. (

Lam has some excellent notes on the practice, nice comprehensive stuff. (

An article about Jehuu Caulcrick I neglected to link to before. At the time, it wasn't showing up on the front page of Barber's blog, but here's the most recent one, and in it, he links to the previous one. It makes you want to root for the guy. (

McDonald apologized for what happened, but neglected to go into any details; and some notes from practice. (

Michael Crabtree has been catching anything and everything thrown his way, Sando has a post about him here. (

A bit about the recent 49ers family day, wish I could have gone to that. (

Here's something from Cohn, but I didn't (and will not) read it. Apparently he likes insulting his readers because they dislike him. (

Beat Writer Twitter Roundup

Barber: RT @stoudiesr: Stoudamire have a good day? >> Overall, secondary was up and down; young Stoudamire didn't stand out much today

Rival Blog Buzz The Cardinals signed Deuce Lutui finally, and they took a look at their defensive ends at ROTB. They have another play-by-play post on Golden Tate over at Field Gulls.

Yesterday On Niners Nation Here's the Golden Nuggets from yesterday, we had a post with a transcript from Mike Singletary, Fooch then rolled out his next 53-man roster projection, I then elevated a fanshot to the front page about Ray McDonald's arrest, Smileyman had another by-the-numbers post, urnext had a well-put-together post on the restructuring of the NCAA conferences, we had our coverage of the Anthony Dixon signing, we had a good fanpost about Ted Ginn Jr, which turned into a full-on discussion about the 53-man roster, and then Fooch had a post on Kentwan Balmer.

Today On Niners Nation

Sorry folks, but at this point I don't know exactly what will be up today, but yesterday was fairly active and I will try and replicate that, we will at least have posts at 7 AM and 11 AM and at some point later in the day.

49ers Tweet Of The Day "my fans out there. Today was a my first day back and it was awesome. A lil rusty but it felt good to be back. Thank u 'Lord'" from Patrick Willis, whose Twitter is here

Yesterday's Best Comment "would you say he's comparing bare backs?" from Tre9er. It was about time we had a funny one again. In context, it's great, but people who don't understand context are infinitely more fun to laugh at.