Who is in line for a new contract?

Here is a link to a story from Yahoo about Jets' Revis sitting out some plays in protest because of stalled contract talks. While the focus of the story is about Revis, the part that caught my attention was at the end, the author mentions that along with Revis, C Nick Mangold, ILB David Harris, and LT D'Brickashaw Ferguson are either wanting a new deal or in line for a long-term contract. I do not follow the Jets at all to know what these guys want or deserve, but I can suspect that is a good amount of money considering you have arguably the best CB and OC in the league. So who is the next 49er in line for a new contract?

Vernon Davis is the first to come to mind. He is going to command top TE money, possibly be the highest paid TE, and a deal sounds like it will eventually be done. So who comes after that?

The players I can think of who are in the last year of their contracts are Alex Smith, Dashon Goldson, Manny Lawson, and Aubrayo Franklin. I am probably missing someone, in which case, comment about that player. In the case of Franklin, Goldson, and Lawson, they will need to prove this season that they can play at a level worth what they are asking for. Smith is different in that this season will show if he is the QB of the future, re-signed as a stopgap until a new starter is ready, or becomes David Carr. Lawson has been solid as a linebacker, but not so good as a pass rusher which means he will probably not receive what he wants. As far as Smith and Goldson, they have potential but have only one good season so far. Franklin is one that I am not quite sure on, so if someone has more insight, please share.

So while all this is contingent on how these players do this season, who do you think receives a new contract and who walks?

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