Potential NFC West shake-up

So today I was reading through ESPN and stumbled across John Clayton's mailbag.  While I'm not the biggest fan of Clayton, and sometimes I think his scenarios and theories are a little ridiculous, he's generally got a solid opinion of what's transpiring throughout the league.  In today's mailbag there was a brief spot in regards to the possibility of an LA team.  Surprisingly, it wasn't the Niners, Rams or Raiders that was brought up as a possibility, but the Vikings of all teams.

We'll get into the details after the jump....

While it's far fetched that the Vikings would leave Minnesota, the fact that the lease on their stadium is expiring and they aren't getting a new stadium soon is enough reason to speculate.  The NFL, I'm sure, would like to get a franchise back into LA because it's a big market that they could capitalize on.  LA also has seemed interested in having an NFL team return there, or at least the governor has.

Now, let's say the Vikings do pack up and move to LA rather than staying in Minnesota.  It would be tough for them geographically to remain in the NFC North, correct?  This is where the Niners come in.  Clayton speculates that the most logical solution would be for the Rams to move to the NFC North, while the Vikings move to the NFC West.  This would make the West an immediately stronger division, but would also make things more difficult on the Niners to contend annually.

It's not a lost cause if the Vikings do move though.  They have no future in place at QB, their defense is declining with the Williams' aging and already this year, they have a contract stand-off with All Day.  So, it's not to say that the Vikings would immediately come in and dominate the division (we did almost beat them last year), but it would make for a tougher race to win the division every year.

So, how about some thoughts on a potential shake-up of the teams in our division.  Also, feel free to speculate what might happen if another team from outside the West moves to LA, such as Jacksonville or Buffalo.

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