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Golden Nuggets: Just speculating on speculation.

Morning, morning everyone. Plenty of news and links for you guys today as OTAs continue full-speed ahead, with only one more voluntary practice before a string of three mandatory practices in the team's minicamp beginning tomorrow. What does this mean for us? Stuff to talk about, delicious links to partake in, a fair bit of debate and merit-based arguments and some good ol' offeseason speculation. I think we're starting to get closer and closer to what's going on with the roster, but then again, everything we've speculated on so far will probably be irrelevant just as soon as training camp begins and the pads go on, but what are you gonna do? We've had a lot of good comments over the last two days, keep it up folks. The more you comment the more I like to write, personally!

Barber has some notes and observations from yesterday's practice. To be honest (not really) I just search for "Zeigler" on every article and see what's going on with him. Looks like he had a good catch, wooh! (

Lam's notes get linked second because no mention of Zeigler. Doesn't he know I give him page views? Tsk tsk. Though in reality, some good notes--really hating the bit about the false starts, that needs to stop. And I mean really stop. Not a false stop. (

DL Kentwan Balmer is ahead of the curve with his shoulder injury. I want to guy to succeed, I really do, but I don't see it happening. (

Maiocco has an update of all players who have come and gone so far this offseason for the 49ers. (

Will Manny Lawson and Aubrayo Franklin show up to the mandatory camps tomorrow? I guess we'll just have to see. (

Here's some random news and notes from the Merc, with some emphasis on Karl Paymah getting some valuable time in practice at the starting CB position. (

post about the OTAs and some veteran players from the official website. (

David Carr really does have a unique throwing motion, here's a bit on that. (

Sando takes another look at the 2009 draft class within the NFC West. (

Matt Wilhelm is going through the NFL Broadcat Boot Camp. Cool stuff, I like the idea--especially because I'm not sure there's a place on the roster for the guy. (

SB Nation has some rankings of the projected starting QBs for 2010. I believe Smith will rise up that list but right now I think it's an all-together good list. (

Beat Writer Twitter Roundup (My thoughts in italics and parenthesis where applicable)

Maiocco: Won't be easy to top 1,120 yds, 4.9 avg and 10 TDs. RT @ChefJoeCanSF49 u think Gore will have better numbers this year from better OL.? (Oh yes it will be. Watch)

Barrows: Nah. The real evaluation starts in training camp. @ViPPaPi should I b worried about Anthony Davis? All I keep hearing is he gets beat

Barber: RT @shootme5150: @Skinny_Post Franklin expected to sign before Thurs? >> No, but he may be here anyway

Barber: RT @danschiller: how has Ginn's hands looked? Getting better? Is he noticeably faster than other WR >> Looking better, but speed more subtle

Barber:RT @baraiza: @Skinny_Post What's the word on Lawson... Think he'll show? >> Yes, I do

Lam:Exactly. With Hill and Ginn outside, Williams in slot. RT @Tre9er K.Williams primarily in slot, right?

Lam:Outside when practicing with second team RT @Tre9er Ginn playing mostly outside or is he in slot much? (This Tre9er fella asks an awful lot of questions)

Barber:RT @Tre9er: Khalif Mitchell has slapped down 2 passes<--where is he playing (NT, DE, DT) and in what formation? >> I saw him at DE in 3-4 (I was under the impression he was a NT guy, hm)

Lam:Hill has had more opportunities at this point. RT @Tre9er Who's getting more reps (and by how much) Ziegler or Hill? (My hopes, they are crushed!)

Rival Blog Buzz At ROTB, they have their rankings of the NFC West wide receivers, and their Flock of Links. At Field Gulls, another one of those posts I've yet to read with play-by-plays. At Turf Show Times, a post about Sam Bradford getting reps with the first team. It was inevitable.

Yesterday On Niners Nation Started with the Nuggets, I had a post about Nate Byham and his chances (or lack thereof) to make the roster, Fooch elevated a post about the world cup and those annoying horns, and then I promoted a Tre9er post about the ongoing inter-position roster battles on the team.

Today On Niners Nation (Times are pacific and subject to change)

7:00 AM - Fooch will have another 53-man roster projection post.

11:00 AM - I believe Smileyman will have something for this point.

2:00 PM - I'll get something up here, folks.

49ers Tweet Of The Day I'm not posting one of these today. Because Dashon Goldson is bringing down the average. I love that guy but man is he obnoxiously annoying on Twitter.

Yesterday's Best Comment "Love the article about Crabtree... definitely NOT the diva people thought he was, and you have to love the comment about Smith and their chemistry building: "Right now, it feels like we’re on the same page," Crabtree said. "I don’t have to look for the ball. It’s like back in the day [at Texas Tech] with me and Graham [Harrell]. I’m getting that kind of vibe right now. I can’t wait to really work hard in this training camp to put it all together.'" from sanfranfanmdk for pointing out something to be excited about with the 49ers.