Just enjoy the coffee

Yesterday I noticed i missed out on a pretty in depth coffee vs dixon rant. So here's my 2 cents for what its worth. We have a potential HOF'er in Gore and there's such a strong feeling on who should back him up to help keep him healthy and get him there. I like both guys and for there individual purposes. Like Gore I see Dixon as that guy who can give you the jump out your seat with excitement moment. Maybe even the potential replacement for Frank when his deal is up.But also like Frank I see the way he carries the ball and a potetial to match frank's tendency to put it on the ground. Frank has 22 fumbles total in his 5 years 15 lost which is A LOT 4.4 per year.

Now to Coffee nothing pops out at you with the guy. Yeah compare him and Dixon in college its not even close. You can do the whole put Dixon on bama and he would have been the best ever or whatever and put Coffee at MIss and he wouldn't even have been drafted scenario's. However Glen is in the perfect mold of a Singletary player. He "works his tail off", takes to coaching and is a great guy off the field. But his most valuble asset is something whoever taught him glen should thank always. The way the guy carries the ball! I feel very confident that by the time his 3 years are up here and its time to move on and teach some younger guy on another team what he learned from coachs like Singletary and Rathman he will have under 3 fumbles total.

This was the first thing I noticed about the guy last year in pre season. He runs tough doesn't look to make someone whiff and carries the ball high and tight PERFECTLY! If he could bulk up to NFL size he would be a nice compliementary back to Gore. Well it seems that hes definately gotten bigger and behind a bigger stronger line Im sure glen can pick up the 3 or 4 yards when you need them and never put the ball on the ground. One of Singletarys biggest things is not turning it over and even undersized and taking the shots rather than giving them Coffee never came close to putting the ball on the ground. Something that will keep him around for the rest of his deal.

To me if Coffee was the type to put the ball on the ground he would be gone already since he doesn't have that WOW factor to make you forgive some of the fumbles like frank can and possibly Dixon.So all Im saying is guys like it or not Glen is gonna be here for 3 more years, so just enjoy the coffee and feel good in knowing that when he does carry the ball you won't have to scream at your t.v. "Damn it Coffee, How could you fumble? You suck!" It will be more like "Good job glen way to get 3, 4 yards and give frank or anthony a break. Now get out so they can make a sportscenter top 10 play."

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