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Golden Nuggets: Not helping yourself.

Good morning folks. OTAs continue and that means we've got links, links, and more links. Today, the mandatory sessions begin, and there's only question marks on two players--Aubrayo Franklin and Manny Lawson. I think Manny needs to get his head right and just get here, he's not going to get paid by staying out of practices. Ahmad Brooks has been playing well in his position and he's doing himself no favors, that's all I know. Either way, I'm very interested to see how well Nate Clements and Shawntae Spencer can play, as they are supposed to be making their return today. Then again, we'll see. Clements has for sure arrived in the bay area, so that is the most interesting thing to me. Anyway, I'm running out of time so here's your links, folks. 

Lam knows what's up in his notes on yesterday's OTA session--he mentions Zeigler. Also, he paid me an undisclosed amount of money to get to the top of the Nuggets. Remember folks: I'm always available for bribes and donations. Ok, well he didn't pay me, but he may have to in the future just because. (

For those of you have been under the impression that Anthony Davis is struggling in OTAs thus far, Barrows clears the air on that. (

Clements will be at the minicamps today, Franklin... not so much. (

Barber has an awesome post detailing a two-minute drill, a completely unnecessary post, but awesome. (

Does Vernon Davis has time for football? He had better. I'll uh... well I'll write a series of patronizing posts, is what I'll do. Yeah. What? (

Here's a post from Barrows, covering all of the passes Alex Smith had Tuesday in the OTA session. (

Bowman needs to change his game to be effective in the NFL. It's no longer about just using your instincts. (

OTAs ended with a touchdown... and also an interception. Great. Still, I like that Curtis Taylor showed he had some ball skills. He has looked good all week. (

Here's some notes on said OTAs, from Barber. I'm overall... pretty pleased with the way things have been working themselves out in OTAs. (

The team isn't planning on re-signing Dre Bly or Walt Harris at this time. They are happy with who they have at the position. (

Singletary vows to lead by example: he won't be arguing with officials any time soon. That sucks, I love seeing Singletary look like he's about to kill someone. Awesome. (

Sando calls this revisiting issues in the NFC West, but I don't really understand because there's quite a few of them that aren't issues at all. (

CB Karl Paymah feels that he has found a much better fit with the 49ers. I hope so, I'm not impressed with the bulk of what he's done in his career thus far. (

The 49ers will be honoring Jerry Rice during halftime of their home opener against the New Orleans Saints this coming season. I can't wait. (

Singletary says that it doesn't bother him one bit when referring to Franklin and Lawson missing minicamp. (

Alex Smith applauds the Pac-10 invite for Utah. (

Beat Writer Twitter Roundup (My comments in italics and parenthesis where applicable)

Barrows: RSVPs for minicamp: Clements, yes; Spencer, yes; Franklin, no. Manny Lawson's response must be in the mail ...

Maiocco:RB Anthony Dixon's rookie deal with 49ers is four years, $1.91 million with signing bonus of $120,600, per league source.

Barrows: Are you calling my mom uncreative? @l2aZi3l 49ers will play Matt Hasselbeck (x2), Matt Cassel, Matt Ryan, Matt Moore, & Matt Leinart (x2).

Barrows: ... And if Aaron Rodgers is hurt they'll play Matt Flynn. And there's always a potential Super Bowl showdown against Houston's Matt Schaub.

Barrows: Scored well on today's final (OTA) exam. Lifted his grade to a solid B+ @womeldorf could u assign a letter grade to a smith's camp thus far?

Barber: RT @49ercarlos: @Skinny_Post any chance Nate passes Carr for #2 spot? >> A chance ,yes, but I wouldn't say he has made up ground thus far

Rival Blog Buzz They had the Random Ramsdom over at Turf Show Times. More on wide receivers and the like over at Field Gulls.

Yesterday On Niners Nation We started with the Nuggets, Fooch rolled out his latest roster projections, smileyman had a post looking at salaries, we had our post about Jerry Rice being inducted into 49ers hall of fame, and then Fooch had a post on the 49ers third down defense.

Today On Niners Nation (All times pacific and subject to change)

7:00 AM - Fooch will have a post looking at certain bits said by Mel Kiper lately.

11:00 AM - I'll get something up at this point for you guys.

2:00 PM - Drew K will have a post.

49ers Tweet Of The Day "Wuzzup bay area...the eagle has landed." from Nate Clements, whose Twitter is here. Indeed, now get to work you slacker.

Yesterday's Best Comment "Ninjames is back to being witty and insightful when your tired or sick like the other day it shows in comparison to this" by dalien82. Sorry my friend, trying to get them up to par!