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Golden Nuggets: So I may have been the only one--oh well.

Well good morning to everyone. Ninjames here and all that good stuff, coming at you with some more Nuggets. Yesterday was eventful, everyone was glued to their computer screens, staring at the beat writers' blogs and respective Twitters in anticipation of whether or not LB Manny Lawson would attend the mandatory minicamp. Alright, so maybe that was just myself and Tre9er, leave us alone. Still, he ended up attending them, and I gotta say I'm very relieved. I was getting more and more confident with Ahmad Brroks as a starter, but let's be real: this defense is a better defense with Manny Lawson on it. It's faster, it is more capable of defending a pass, it is smarter. Lawson also bulked up quite a bit, or so he claims. Should be interesting. Enjoy all the links and other stuff I have for you, folks.

Alex Smith ended yesterday's practice with two interceptions. It's not something you want to hear, but, as noted in one of the tweets below, the defense was playing well. Also, more notes from yesterday. (

Manny Lawson, Nate Clements and Shawntae Spencer all regained their starting spots once reporting to minicamp. (

Lawson is pushing the team for a new contract. I hope they don't give it to him right away, I wouldn't mind working with him during the season though if he's putting up numbers on a weekly basis. (

Balmer rejoined the second team yesterday, which is always a good thing. This year is do-or-die for Balmer, he needs to do well. Also, Maiocco's notes on practice. (

Barber's observations from yesterday's minicamp. Glad to see Barber paying a bit more attention to different players than the other writers. (

Just throwing my own bit in there about Lawson and him showing up yesterday. (

Lawson says he wants his future to be with the 49ers. I'm glad to hear that, it's good to know that it's not just about the money, he does want a long-term contract. (

Manny also says he never considered skipping the minicamp. (

Here's a Q&A that Barber had with Manny Lawson yesterday. (

Maiocco conducted a Q&A, here's the article on it right here. (

It was a packed house at the 49ers minicamp. Glad to hear it. More notes, too. (

Clements, Spencer and Lawson simply felt that they needed to work out on their own. I'm alright with that. (

It seems Singletary will not be present for Saturday's minicamp, who knows? I'm also amazed at the lack of knowledge of the situation concerning Singletary's daughter and Atogwe. (

Beat Writer Twitter Roundup (My comments in italics and parenthesis where applicable)

Lam: @ninnyjams Zeigler Zeigler Zeigler Zeigler Zeigler Zeigler Zeigler Zeigler Zeigler Zeigler Zeigler Zeigler Zeigler Zeigler Zeigler Zeigler (Bribery accepted)

Maiocco: RT @RavensInsider Ravens offered a one-year deal Wednesday to cornerback Walt Harris, but he declined it, per a league source. (I notice Maiocco really doesn't Tweet at people lately.)

Barber: RT @ElvinPritchard: @Skinny_Post Did Bowman look good working with the 1st team? >> Only in for a couple plays, but one was really nice

Barber: RT @ElvinPritchard: @Skinny_Post Were there any 1st team reps for Davis & Iupati >> Yes, more for Iupati

Barber: RT @MustangStud49: Do we credit this to a great 49er defense, or a typical Alex Smith >> First: superb play by T Brown; 2nd: bad overthrow (Typical Alex Smith? Eh..)

Barber: RT @Tre9er: Davis beat Goldson twice in 1st tm period, once on post <-who does this speak to more? >> I'd say Davis; coverage good on first 

Barber: RT @Tre9er: RT @Skinny_Post: Bad day for Vann: two more punts eat him up<-@ninnyjams how much rope u think he gets? >> Plenty -- for now (Like I said, he'll get more than enough)

Barber: RT @terran0860: is the reason the 49ers arent trying to sign Manny long term because of breakout season for Brooks? >> Certainly part of it

Barber: RT @mateusgpereira: @Skinny_Post the no talk about Iupati its a sign that he is doing great on the field? >> That's a fair assessment.

Lam: No signs of slowing down, so I say yes RT @USMC_NinerFan Does Willis look like he is completely healed from his offseason surgery?

Lam: Yes he did. Interchanged between 1st/2nd tm RT @USMC_NinerFan I've been hearing good things about jason hill lately. Did he stand out today?

Lam: Correct. No mistakes on his part today. RT @USMC_NinerFan I didn't see any mention of Gore, I assume this is a good thing? (Gore? There's a player named Gore on the 49ers? With all this Dixon v Coffee debate I figured they were battling for the starting position. Who's this 'Gore' fella?)

Lam: Zeigler was a big focus on offense today, so he stood out to me. RT @Tre9er bubble players who have looked good lately? (Aww yeeeah)

Lam: Those that played in their spot while they were gone dropped to 2nd tm. RT @Tre9er how did depth at CB and OLB change today with big 3 back?

Lam: Nothing really stood out, meaning they did their assignments. RT @Tre9er obv we wanna know how nate, tae, manny looked. Notables?

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Today On Niners Nation (All times pacific and subject to change)

7:00 AM - Howie has the first round of the Super Bowl tourney he organized.

11:00 AM - Andrew Davidson has his most recent fantasy football post at this point.

2:00 PM - I imagine I'll be on this post, though I'm unsure what it will be! Perhaps an "At Least We're Not...", we'll see!

49ers Tweet Of The Day "boy do i hate the lakers" from Kyle Williams. Indeed.

Yesterday's Best Comment "If Manny doesn't resolve this... then thanks to Singletary’s obsession with linebackers, we still have approximately 1,600 of them in camp. The other day somebody shook a tree at Santa Clara and out fell three lost footballs, two squirrels, 18 linebackers and Kory Sheets." from LondonNiner. I'm finding a good balance of comedy v truth for these. Great stuff here though.