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NFL RedZone at the 'Stick... Got binoculars?

The 49ers are one of the teams that will be utilizing the NFL RedZone channel in their stadium this season. The RedZone channel displays look-ins and highlights of the league's games and is actually a pretty cool thing to have, if you don't. The league will be offering it to all stadiums, but it's up to the teams as far as how they use it.

Mike Florio of PFT reports that the 49ers will show the channel on most screens before games and at various points. Us being on the west coast, he notes that it gives 49ers fans incentive to get there early... But I'm a little bit less than enthusiastic. Candlestick Park has never been known for having very big or impressive screens. The screens that are plastered up in the stands, their "big boards" really aren't much at all. They do, however, have plenty of nice high definition screens throughout the walkways of the stadium where you can get food and all of that good stuff. So I suppose if you wanted you could go in early, and stand around and watch them.

Or you can use one of the various bars, which I imagine will also be showing the channel. It's cool that it will be utilized, and cool that the 49ers have embraced it so quickly, but is anyone seriously excited given the screens at the 'Stick? I think I'd much rather just tailgate. Perhaps this year we'll join the ranks of those who bring their DirecTV dishes and high definition screens along. Get a good spot early and watch some games then. To me tailgating and even listening to the radio with camaraderie and chairs far outweighs the benefits of standing up and looking at screens with the RedZone channel (which is a fantastic concept, by the way, taking nothing from that) or sitting in my seat in the stadium and squinting at the "big board."

Still rambling but whatever. Just letting you all know that it will be there and also.. you know, my opinion on the matter.