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Filed under: Launches New Offical NFL Fantasy Platform

Head on over to and sign up for the New NFL Fantasy Platform to enjoy the new "perks" the league has to offer:

The NFL brought fantasy football operations in-house making NFL FANTASY FOOTBALL the only game that contains video highlights, with thousands of game highlights that make fantasy football come to life. Fans will enjoy game highlights and video analysis throughout the season, customized to each fan’s team and each fantasy matchup.  Highlights of all significant fantasy scoring plays will be integrated into the platform, making Game Day on the ultimate fantasy experience.  In addition, hours of pregame video, including analysis and fantasy advice, help fans manage their rosters and set their lineups each week.

So how cool will this be? Not only will you be able to get fantasy advice with pregame video and analysis, but you'll also be able to watch highlights of your fantasy players racking up points. Wondering how that 73-yard TD reception Randy Moss looked? has it covered. Worried about who to start, or if weather is going to play a factor in any game involving your fantasy players? They've got that covered too. Oh, and guess what? You can sign up for free.

As if in-game highlights and pregame analysis wasn't enough, wanted to add some other interesting features:

For the first time, player projections are tied to Madden NFL from EA Sports. As player ratings change on Madden every week, player projections are adjusted on to give fans the most up-to-date information.’s fantasy game also syncs to GSIS, the NFL’s official Game Statistics and Information System, for free and fast live scoring and postgame corrections as soon as they are official.

Having player projections based on Madden's updated player ratings may not be 100% accurate, but it certainly is cool. It will give you a chance to not only track your fantasy players, but see how EA is updating player ratings on a weekly basis. Having free live scoring from the NFL's official stats system (GSIS) is very nice too. I remember the wait for stats to be corrected for days at a time in past years, not any more. Once the stats become official, your fantasy stats are updated accordingly, for free. has also provided easy and handy injury tracking: is the first place to get the game-day inactives & regular injury reports.  In addition, NFL FANTASY FOOTBALL provides users with a drag-and-drop function to simplify roster adjustments.
NFL FANTASY FOOTBALL will provide a comprehensive ‘Activity Feed’ for each player and league. The unique feed contains breaking news, transactions, injury reports, discussions, and league-manager changes all in one place.  Fans can see all league activity in one area and make comments on activity as it happens.

Basically, is begging you to play fantasy football this season. With all these great new features, priority injury reports and an activity feed, you really don't need to leave to research your roster. Tired of having six browser windows open looking for fantasy news at the last minute? has it covered, and it's FREE (the best four-letter word in the universe). When my fantasy football advices falls flat, feel comfortable knowing has your back.