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Golden Nuggets: And we're back!

Good morning everyone. Apologies for yesterday, I couldn't get the Nuggets up because the site was down. First time I'e missed them in awhile. Either way, we're back in action as far as I can tell and barring... well, anything bad, we should be up and ready to go. There wasn't really anything of note yesterday, so what you'll be getting are a lot of links about Friday's practice and things of that nature, but what I have is what I have. I don't think I'll be doing the beat writer Twitter roundup today, as I wasn't around yesterday or the day before watching Twitter, so it would be kind of pointless since I imagine the wrap-up articles have all the information you'd need.  So without further ado, here's your links. Enjoy.

Singletary gave the team yesterday off for their hard work. Good stuff. (

Alex Smith is making plenty of progress. We heard about the bad and we heard about the good so far this offseason, and I'll say for the first time since we drafted him, I feel good about Alex Smith. (

If you didn't hear, the 49ers released two players. I don't mean to be rude, but man I am so glad Keith Smith is out of the picture. Some people on here though that he was a viable option to make the 53-man roster.. man. (

Taylor Mays shows his stuff on and off the field. Good stuff, also notes from Friday morning's practice. (

Here are Barber's notes from Friday morning's practices. (

Aaand here's his notes from Friday afternoon. (

Iupati and Davis had a wake-up call when it came to one-on-one drills. I'll have something on this in the morning, but I'm not.. particularly worried. (

Here are Sam Lam's notes on Friday morning's practice. (

Aaand his notes on the afternoon. (

The nutcracker drill is coming back. I love that thing. So I'm pumped. Just no serious injuries. (

Something from Ratto about the minicamps, I couldn't read it because the first sentence annoyed me so bad I threw my laptop. (

Barber has some quotes from the players and what not, good stuff. (

Barrows has a play-by-play of the 2 minute drill from Friday's practices. (

Notes from Maiocco on Friday afternoon's practice, the final minicamp. (

Rival Blog Buzz At ROTB, their game changer post and their Cardinals quote of the day. At TST, a post about the proposed 18-game season. And at Field Gulls, a retrospective on Aaron Curry, a man I feared until week two of the 2009 season.

Yesterday On Niners Nation Fooch had a transcript from Singletary and a bit about the practices being canceled for Saturday, a fanshot with a sweet video we elevated to the front, and a bit from smileyman has a bit about the proposed changes to the NFL season.

Today On Niners Nation (All times pacific and subject to change)

7:00 AM - I'll have about our rookie offensive lineman.

11:00 AM - Josh Branco has another Know Thy Enemy post.

2:00 PM - I'll have something else up here, not sure what.

Yesterday's Best Comment "I asked that Ziggy question just for you James!!!!" from PHUT! ...Man, top of the Nuggets, frequent mentions in the Nuggets, and now yesterday's best comment? Lam knows just which buttons to push.