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Jammal Brown traded to the Washington Redskins

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There was some speculation that Brown would be traded since the Saints also had Jermon Bushrod who filled in quite nicely for them while Brown was out on IR last season. In fact there was a sizable contingent of 49er fans who would've liked to pick up Brown (I was one of them).

Yesterday Brown signed his RFA tender and the trade was announced, and it's a complicated one. If you'll remember, the McNabb trade involved a 3rd or 4th round pick depending on how McNabb does. The Redskins will owe the Saints a conditional 3rd or 4th round pick for Brown.

Here's how it breaks down according to ESPN:

If the Redskins win nine games, go to the playoffs or McNabb gets selected to the Pro Bowl, Philadelphia will receive Washington's third-round pick and New Orleans will get Washington's fourth. If none of those happen, the Eagles will get the Redskins' fourth-round pick and the Saints will get the Redskins' third-round pick. If New Orleans receives Washington's third-round pick, then the Redskins will get a 2011 fifth-round pick back from the Saints. However, if Washington's third-round pick goes to Philadelphia, then the Saints will send a 2011 sixth- or seventh-round pick back to the Redskins.

There is also a conditional 2012 sixth-round pick involved. Should Brown play 90 percent of the plays next season or get voted to the Pro Bowl, Washington will send its 2012 sixth-round pick to New Orleans. After Saturday's trade, Washington has six picks left in the 2011 draft.

I think this is a good move for the Redskins. A re-tooled offensive line, a new QB, a new head coach and OC--I expect them to do well.