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Golden Nuggets: Hope you don't mind me going off topic for a moment

Good morning everyone. Ninjames here. Yesterday was Father's Day and I didn't really put anything about that because I generally don't do that but I did want to say.. that I love my father very much. He got me into sports at a young age, and provided me with the means to enjoy it to its fullest by giving me the best life he could, which was better than many at the time. I didn't always have everything I wanted, but at the very least I got the next best thing. My dad has worked, and right now does work multiple jobs to make sure we get the best of what we want, and I don't know how my brother and sister feel as far as this goes, but for me, I at least know that he deserves a lot better than me. I've been writing here for awhile now, and I don't make anything for it, and that's fine, but it does take a lot out of me, and I'm so very thankful that he understands my goal.. what I really want to do takes time to accomplish, and in that time I've depended on him more than ever. He works more than any person I've ever seen on the planet, and like I said before he deserves a much better son than me, and if someday some poor girl decides to have a child with me, if I can be 1/4th of the dad that he is to me, then I'll have a very lucky offspring. I love you dad.. And you all best thank him too, without him, you folks would have no links each day. :]

That aside, I'm not sure how many 49ers related links I have for you guys today as it's pretty slow but I'll make sure the crucial information from the past few days makes it way to you just in case. Hope you don't mind that little bit from today, I daresay it's better than the stalling I do to wrap the text usually. 

Alex Boone is one of five players is following for their 'On The Fringe' segment. I think the Boone love has gone a bit too far on Niners Nation at times, but I can't argue with his potential, nor can I say I don't really like the guy, because I do and wish him the best, if he makes the roster, then I'm happy. I got him into Madden last season, yeah, I'm lame. (

Roger Craig says the 49ers are ready to annihilate the West. What an awesome use of wordage, I'm inclined to agree. (

Just because I love you guys, here's a link to some of the most intelligent, comprehensive and well-informed commenting you'll ever see on a site... And at Pro Football Talk no less! [insert trollface here] (

I don't envy Jay Cutler right now. I mean, I don't like the guy, I think he's... well let's just say I take a lot of humor in this picture (love the dos equis commercials, by the way), but beyond that, he's about to begin life as a quarterback in the Mike Martz system... And he got advice from Alex Smith? I guarantee Smith hung up that phone, busted out into laughter and everyone around him started cracking up after doing their best to not laugh when Smith said "No don't worry about it, it's good, etc". Seriously lying to Cutler hard right now. Awesome. (

Nothing really going on with the beat writers on Twitter so follow Sam LamPhil BarberMatt Maiocco and Matt Barrows, harass them for 49ers info around the clock. Especially Lam, ask him everything there is to ask about Dominique Zeigler. Also, not that we're 'in' like the above guys, myself and Tre9er are always down for some 49ers Twitter-talk.

Rival Blog Buzz Turf Show Times had their Random Ramsdom, and beyond that, our rival blogs had nothing new at the time I wrote this. What slackers!

Yesterday On Niners Nation We kicked off with the Golden Nuggets, I had a post about our rookie offensive lineman, Josh had his latest Know Thy Enemy post, we had a post about the Jammal Brown trade, and Fooch posted this video.

Today On Niners Nation (All times pacific and subject to change)

7:00 AM - Fooch will have a post about Jarrett Brown

11:00 AM - Smileyman is supposed to have a post at this point.

1:00 PM - urnext may have a post here, and if not, I'll have something at 2:00 PM. 

4:00 PM - I'll get you another At Least We're Not... here.

Yesterday's Best Comment ""Very excited" drinking game is considered a form of suicide." from Bignerd. Singletary says that more than Alex Smith says 'absolutely'.