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49ers by the Numbers: Seven through Nine

Seven must be the lucky number this time around. We have two picks from the 1984 supplemental draft and a whole bunch of late round picks.

Name Position College Spot Drafted Years Played Jersey Number
Jason Baker Punter Iowa Undrafted 2001-2002 7
Guy Benjamin QB Stanford 51st 1981-1983 7
Nate Davis QB Ball Sate 171st 2009-- 7
Ken Dorsey QB Miami (Fla.) 241st 2003-2005 7
Drew Olson QB UCLA Undrafted 2007 7
Wade Richey KR LSU Undrafted 1998-2000 7
Todd Santos QB San Diego State 274th 1988 7
Mark Stevens QB Utah Undrafted 1987 7
Tony Zendejas Kicker Nevada 27th 1995 7
Steve Young QB BYU 1st 1987--1999 8
Shane Andrus Kicker Murray State Undrafted 2009 9
Jim Asmus Punter Hawaii Undrafted 1957 9
Barry Helton Punter Colorado 102nd 1988-1990 9
Jeff Kemp QB Dartmouth Undrafted 1986 9
Cade McNown QB UCLA 12th 2002 9


Mark Stevens took full advantage of the 1987 strike to become one of the first black QBs to play in the NFL, even if it was only for a couple of games.

There's a caveat to Zendejas' drafting position. He was drafted in the disperal draft which happened after the USFL disbanded. Interestingly enough there was another Zendejas who played for the Cowboys and was drafted in 1986. He was also a kicker--with a name like that they have to be releated.

Steve Young was the 1st overall pick in the 1984 supplemental draft. Interestingly enough there was another Steve Young drafted by the Buccaneers in 1976, although he was a tackle out of Colorado.


Representing the Number 7: Nate Davis. Just because he's a fan favorite, not because I have any particular liking for him.

Representing the Number 8: Steve Young. This was easy and not just because he's the only Niner to have worn that number (weird huh?)

Representing the Number 9: Jim Asmus. Just for some old-time player love here.