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Golden Nuggets: Please - no more adventures!

So none of you guys got me anything yesterday? LondonNiner didn't even take a picture of the 'Golden Nuggets' breakfast cereal for me? I have to be honest, I'm crushed. Still... I suppose I'm here to provide you with links so I should just get to that instead of going on about this and what not. One of the worst parts of the preseason continues, and will do so for a few weeks more. Training camp is the next thing that will go down in 49erland so it's up to the beat writers to not abandon us and speculate heavily to provide us with some links and reading. I've got a few, I think yesterday had more than today but I have at least five or so links, so enjoy and post up any you yourself find. Enjoy folks.

Barber has some questions to ponder (and then promptly answers them, eliminating the ability to ponder) as we proceed through the summer, which I'm dubbing 'The Summer of No Links'. Maybe I can get a vacation? (

Will punt returns be an adventure for the 49ers again? I sincerely hope not, I'm very sick of holding my breath every time the opposing teams' punting units come out onto the field. Seriously the most worrisome part of every game last season. (

Glad to see Taylor Mays and Navorro Bowman looking good in practice, stealing a bit of the spotlight from the first rounders. I think Bowman can legitimately fill the role of TED linebacker once TKO retires. (

You can check out the replay of yesterday's live chat with Matt Barrows. (

I'm hoping this offseason goes smoothly, with the draft picks signing in a timely fashion and maybe an extension or two to go through. Is that so much to ask? Who knows, but contract negotiations are now the focal point until training camp. (

Alex Smith told Jay Cutler that the playbook of Mike Martz basically was never-ending. Not surprising. (

Florio picked the 49ers as one of six teams to advance to the playoffs in 2010. Good stuff. (

Didn't get a chance to read this article, so if it's not well done I apologize, but the question "Is Lawson Worth It?" is asked. Your answer: yes.. he is. (

The Nolan Era's Lasting Effect - I'll say that I don't really... hate Nolan per se, but he was not a great head coach and was infuriating to listen to. (

Rival Blog Buzz They've got their question of the day over at ROTB, and their Flock of Links. Field Gulls a look at Owen Schmitt. They introduce a new front page poster at Turf Show Times and have a post about the negotiating stance the team has taken with Atogwe.

Yesterday On Niners Nation Started with the Nuggets, had a projection post on the 49ers returners, Smileyman had a post on contracts, Fooch put up a post about some awesome happenings in sports yesterday and I had my latest At Least We're Not post.

Today On Niners Nation (All times pacific and subject to change)

7:00 AM - Fooch will have another 53-man roster projection, looking at the inside linebackers.

11:00 AM - 5:00 PM - We're playing it by ear it seems! Don't worry folks I'll arise early and figure out something with which to write about for you! Maybe we'll have posts from other front page guys, too, who knows... they're a lazy lot and they never email me, you should all chastise them. :]

Yesterday's Best Comment "Sports has the ability to transcend barriers and bring people together. Again and again and again this has happened." from Smileyman. A truer statement has not been made.. I think.