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Golden Nuggets: NBA Draft is vastly inferior to NFL Draft

Good morning, all! Ninjames here. If you're at all unconvinced that the offseason is slow, look only to that Phil Barber is now taking a vacation, apparently there's really nothing to write about for him, which sucks for us because that's one less source of quality links for us to go through. As far as any breaking news, there is none right now, but I do have a few quality links for you today. Not as much as yesterday, but it should be plenty. If you find anything that I missed, post it in the comments, or you could even email me like a user did yesterday with a link I'll be including today. Right now I'm watching the Top 10 Football Myths on the NFL Network - I love their top ten shows. Uh.. also of note is yesterday was Rich Eisen's birthday! I love that guy. Best guy on TV. His cake is seriously legendary. Uhh.. anyway, here's your links.

A very good article about Michael Crabtree and how he should be used in the 49ers offense to get the best out of him. Some good points are made. (

There are a few growing pains for Anthony Davis. I'm OK with it, it's to be expected. He'll be a great tackle some day. (

Barrows continues his rookie reviews, with a look at Byham, Bowman and Dixon. (

Here is the chat transcript from Maiocco's most recent chat. I have to say I heavily.. and I do mean HEAVILY disagree with his statement that it's a "horrible sign" if Alex Smith isn't a captain this year. God forbid we have some strong personalities in this locker room and the quarterback is better served running the offense and you know, throwing footballs. (

Here's an "Ask A Player" bit from the official website, this one with Brian Jennings, an awesome dude. If there was a hall of fame spot for a long snapper, it would be him. (

Three teams rising and three teams falling in the NFC next season. (

I intended to mention this, but only remembered when Smileyman just emailed me... Cardinals G Deuce Lutui checked in at nearly 400 pounds. I seriously... Uh... I mean... I really have no words. Holy crap. (

Rival Blog Buzz Revenge of the Birds continues predicting their 2010 record, and look who's up on the docket today. Field Gulls has a post about starting defensive end Red Bryant. Turf Show Times has a post about Mardy Gilyardand their Random Ramsdom. Look at these NFC West blogs--bitin' my Nuggets style. Flock of Links? Random Ramsdon? Psh. Biters.

Yesterday On Niners Nation Started with the Golden Nuggets, Fooch had more roster projections, I elevated a good fanpost from Tre9er as I so often do, Smileyman had a post on the Madden ratings that have been released thus far and then I had a 49ers Profile on Dominique Zeigler.

Today On Niners Nation(All times pacific and subject to change)

7:00 AM - Howtheyscored continues his 49ers Super Bowl tournament

11:00  AM - We'll have another fantasy football post from Andrew

2:00 PM - Drew K returns with another NCAA prospects post, focusing on cornerbacks - which I'm assuming will be very relevant to our interests.

4:30 PM - I was contacted in a dream last night by myself from the future and he told me that he might accidentally schedule another recap for the past - so we may know the 49ers fate when they host the Saints come this time today.

Yesterday's Best Comment "I REALLY HOPE THAT THIS IS FINALLY THE YEAR THE ZEIG MAKES THE 53!" from 49erFanSince1950... What? Did I ever say I wasn't biased? Because I totally am. random_guy's reply to that one cracked me up, too.