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Who's The Bear Pascoe This Year?

In a recent blog post, Matt Barrows describes a rookie (perhaps a promising rookie) being released as being "Bearpascoed". While the term is unimaginative, it is to the point and very much accurate. Many people just let their jaw drop when they saw Pascoe's name on the cut list. Even Fooch and the rest of us, on almost all of our 53-man roster projections, Pascoe was penciled in as the third tight end.

Barrows wrote a post about this time saying that Pascoe was very impressive in practice - catching pass after pass and being generally well-liked around the 49ers facilities and locker rooms. A couple months later, he was cut. The 49ers weren't looking for a pass-catching tight end, they needed a blocker.

So obviously the biggest point of comparison is TE Nate Byham, a sixth round pick and perceived blocking tight end of the future. He's looked OK in practice, but it won't really be known how well he will perform until the pads go on in training camp.

Beyond that we have Phillip Adams, Anthony Dixon, Kyle Williams and Navorro Bowman. Bowman seems like he'll have a roster spot locked up, but given what happened to Pascoe I almost don't want to say that. Williams has value as a punt returner and is the only true slot receiver on the roster. Dixon is battling with Glen Coffee for the backup role behind Frank Gore. Adams is a player whom I believe will make it. I figure the team will keep one of the very young corners, and at that point it's between Adams and Stoudamire, and Adams is said to have looked better in practice.

So who gets cut, if anyone? Remember, the guys who have signed contracts aren't exempt - Pascoe was inked when it happened.