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Top 10 NFL myths


Last night I was up late and watched a re-air of an NFL broadcast "Top Ten Myths". I thought the list was interesting and figured we could get some good discussion going on here. In order of their appearance here they are:

10. Tackle stats are not accurate

Coaches like to give out assists to anybody who was within spitting distance.

9. QB's need a rocket arm to be successful

QBs have to be able to throw the long ball--or do they? Joe Montana didn't.

8. Teams should punt on 4th down

Unless they shouldn't.

7. Turnovers matter

49ers won playoff games when they had 6 or more turnovers

6. You need to run to set up the pass

Unless you have to pass to set up the run.

5. Icing the kicker works

Unless your name is Adam Vinateri.

4. Dome teams are soft

Ask the Vikings if they're soft.

3. Defense wins championships

Ask the New Orleans Saints if their defense won their Super Bowl

2. It is next to impossible to repeat as champions

Not really. It's the three-peat that's impossible.

1. The prevent defense does not work

Does it?