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Golden Nuggets: The links... they are gone!

Morning, folks. I'd like to call to attention a quote from a Dallas News article in which somebody, allegedly a member of Niners Nation, had a lot of negative things to say about me. I really don't mean to seem overconfident or anything - I'm a fan just like you guys and I happen love writing alongside loving the 49ers and Niners Nation. I would like to note that I have never... EVER let a complaint go in one ear and out another. I just really - really would like to know what's up so I can improve as a blogger and a writer. So if you ever have a problem, you could always email me or comment, and it would be much appreciated. PLEASE note that any posts that have humor such as the At Least We're Not or It Has Been Foretold posts are only meant for YOUR entertainment, and do not show any bit of "overconfidence" on my part. If one person is unhappy with my coverage, then I'm not doing what I do the right way. I firmly believe that.

Now.. on to what 49ers links I have for you today, of which there are few.

The team filed a complaint to get their rent reduced at Candlestick - boy they sure do want out of there. Maybe they'll be evicted, that would be something. (

The competition at outside linebacker should definitely be worth watching. Lawson and Haralson will be the starters for the foreseeable future, as I see it. (

49ers raise funds for heart research. Nothing like an interest story to fatten up the links. (

Beat Writer Twitter Roundup (My comments in italics and parenthesis where applicable)

Rival Blog Buzz Revenge of the Birds had nothing yesterday so they're lame (nah they're alright). Turf Show Times had a post about rising optimism and fantasy football. Should Rams fans be beginning to get optimistic? Aaaand then.. nothing new at Field Gulls. Slackers.

Yesterday On Niners Nation Kicked off with the Golden Nuggets, a question was posed about this year's Bear Pascoe - if any, we had an open thread for the world cup matchup yesterday, which, by the way LALALALALA NEVER HAPPENED, and then Smileyman had a post about NFL Networks Top 10 Football Myths.

Today On Niners Nation (All times pacific and subject to change)

7:00 AM - A post on Diyral Briggs

11:00 AM - Another post from the future.. with a twist.

2:00 PM - Probably a player profile here.

Yesterday's Best Comment "Clements’ salary is a lightning rod for criticism, not really his abilities. He is one of the better CBs in the league against the run and the sort pass, and in bump-and-run coverage. With more speed and maturity in the FS position to provide the real deep coverage (and with a better pass rush), he can still cover most of the WRs he will face." from seafood lover. Very well said.