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Golden Nuggets: Enthusiasm Intact

Good morning everyone, Ninjames here with your Golden Nuggets for the day. The lack of links continues but my enthusiasm for the upcoming season does not. You'll be getting an article from me later today, the next "At Least We're Not...", and by suggestion of one of our readers, I'm doing it on the San Francisco 49ers. I will be doing my darndest to insult the team we love just so we can pull it out and show fans of other teams (inappropriate!) when they get all up-in-arms when I write a post about their team. So far the only fans to react well to one of those posts is the Texans fans, so far we've had many upset Packers, Cardinals and especially Cowboys fans. I hope doing one on the 49ers will stifle a few. That being said, I do have a couple links for you to peruse today,  so read on and click away.

This article gives me a lot of hope. It states that Taylor Mays is eager to learn, which is good because he has a lot of learning to do. I'm coming around to this guy a lot. He won't start immediately, but he'll get some playing time. (

I'm also coming around to the idea that Alex Boone should make the final 53-man roster. I don't think he's a better option than Sims, but I do think if it comes down to losing him to another team or having to cut Sims, I'll chance that Staley's recovery is going well. I think the base case scenario for the back-up left tackle position if Staley goes down and Boone is the guy on the roster would be to kick Anthony Davis into the left side and plug in Boone on the right side, despite him practicing almost exclusively at left tackle during OTAs. What are your thoughts? (

Anthony Davis: Full Of Character. I haven't the time to read this article right now, but I can vouch for the guy having character - you can see as much from his twitter. I mean, I don't want to brag or nothin' - but he has retweeted me more than anyone else. I'm just saying, we're practically best friends now. (

Apparently Alex Smith isn't the only 49ers player giving advice to players from the Bears on how to deal with Mike Martz and his offensive system. Frank Gore seems to have chimed in as well. (

Here's a very long post about random musings for many NFL teams - near the bottom the 49ers are mentioned. In the article, it's stated that Travis LaBoy and Barry Sims could be cut. Don't read too much into it, the sources they're 'hearing' from is likely just Matt Barrows' blog. Nothing to see here, but take a link anyway. (

More fantasy love for the 49ers? You bet. Now if only we could get some more Madden love we'll be set. (

I don't have any other relevant links for you today - perhaps you should tweet at Sam Lam and tell him to get on it so the Nuggets have more substance. Perhaps he can write an article about Dominique Zeigler and how awesome he is? Sounds like a plan to me.

Rival Blog Buzz Still nothing at Revenge of the Birds. Field Gulls continues their Road Back series. Turf Show Times continues looking at where the Rams possibly rank in 2010, and also have a post about a lot of signings by the team.

Yesterday On Niners Nation Started the day off with the Golden Nuggets, then we had another game changer post, this one on Diyral Briggs, we had a quick fanshot with an awesome tweet from my new favorite 49er Anthony Davis, and then Tre9er had another post from the future.

Today On Niners Nation(All times pacific and subject to change)

7:00 AM - 53-man roster projections for wide receivers

11:00 AM - At Least We're Not... The San Francisco 49ers

2:00 PM - A Player Profile will be up at this point

Yesterday's Best Comment "james maybe in between EVERY paragraph you should include HUGE letters that say SATIRE HUMOR JOKE" by Tre9er. Pretty much.