UPDATED: The Great Madden NFL 11 49ers Fanpost (Ratings Discussion)

UPDATES: All player ratings I have are added at this point - having some slight formatting issues, bear with me. I'm going to list these as "unconfirmed" for now but I trust my source implicitly.

There will be another fanpost about a Madden NFL 11 Niners Naiton tournament posted by myself at a later date. Recently, Smileyman had a front page post about the top ten at each position. For that list, go ahead and click here. I won't be posting the top ten because it's already there and this will focus solely on discussion of 49ers players.

I'm the team captain for the 49ers over at the official Roster and Ratings Discussion board over at EA's forums - whether or not they use that route again this year remains to be seen, but either way Donny Moore, the self-proclaimed ratings czar, should be looking over the forums again this year.

As info comes out on each player I will update the top of this post with any news. All of these ratings have been confirmed by credible sources, including my own. We can talk about players whose ratings have not been released but I urge you to give me your thoughts on players who have already been rated! I will need to present a list of players to Donny of players that should be increased and also players that should be decreased! Try not to be too biased, let's be realistic, folks! I want input from all of you so we can get some very precise ratings.


Alex Smith - 77 OVR, 72 SPD
David Carr - 65 OVR
Nate Davis 65 OVR
Thoughts: I agree mostly, Alex Smith needs to show he can be better, though I'm scratching my head as to why the one point decrease from the final roster update for 2010.

Half Back
Frank Gore - 93 OVR, 93 SPD, 77 STR, 92 AGI
Glen Coffee - 71 OVR
Michael Robinson - 68 OVR
Anthony Dixon - 67 OVR
Thoughts: I mostly agree, Coffee and Dixon need to show they can earn higher ratings - though I will still say Gore needs more strength and I just know Robinson is going to be way too slow

Moran Norris - 77 OVR, 65 SPD
Thoughts: Miller doesn't appear to be in the game yet - fair rating for Norris.

Wide Receivers
Michael Crabtree - 84 OVR, 88 SPD
Josh Morgan - 74 OVR, 87 SPD
Brandon Jones - 71 OVR, 91 SPD
Ted Ginn Jr. - 70 OVR, 97 SPD, 92 AGI, 95 ACC
Jason Hill - 69 OVR, 87 SPD
Thoughts: They are an unproven unit and it's hard to campaign for much better ratings, except for Crabtree. I do not agree with their speed ratings.

Tight Ends
Vernon Davis - 96 OVR, 90 SPD, 84 STR, 87 AGI, 92 ACC
Delanie Walker - 66 OVR
Byham - 63 OVR
Thoughts: Things are mostly fair. Davis should be right on par with Witten and a bit faster than 90. Delanie Walker plays very well in the game - note that folks, despite his low rating Walker has always caught anything thrown his way. Still very low and I will be campaigning for an improved Walker in speed and catch-in-traffic rating.

Left Tackles
Joe Staley - 87 OVR, 86 STR, 76 AGI
Barry Sims - 76 OVR
Thoughts: I agree mostly, but I will likely suggest a slight initial decrease for Joe Staley - he just hasn't shown he's an 87 OVR lineman. Sims played great at LT last season.

Left Guards
Mike Iupati - 83 OVR
David Baas - 78 OVR
Thoughts: Agree here. Baas never truly played horrible football, but we still needed to improve on him. Holds value and if anything a one to two point decrease is in order for him.

Eric Heitmann - 84 OVR
Cody Wallace - 70 OVR
Thoughts: I do not agree that Heitmann should be an 84 and Staley an 87. I propose a ratings switch between the two.

Right Guards
Adam Snyder - 81 OVR
Chilo Rachal - 79 OVR
Thoughts: Surprisingly very spot on! Rachal will be the starter but Snyder may surprise, he's a solid interior lineman.

Right Tackles
Anthony Davis - 75 OVR
Alex Boone - 58 OVR
Thoughts: Severe disagree but do not fret! This WILL be updated by the preseason when Boone shows his solid play. Davis is rated right where he should be!


Left Ends
Isaac Sopoaga - 71 OVR, 52 SPD
Kentwan Balmer - 68 OVR
Ricky Jean-Francois - 66 OVR
Thoughts: Take my word on it: Jean-Francois will be updated before preseason is over.

Right Ends
Justin Smith - 89 OVR, 73 SPD
Ray McDonald - 71 OVR, 66 SPD
Thoughts: I find it hard to agree with McDonald's ratings - he's always been a good player. Smith should get that 90, he's one of the better defensive ends in the game.

Defensive Tackle
Aubrayo Franklin - 90 OVR, 97 STR, 54 SPD
Khalif Mitchell - 60 OVR
Thoughts: Franklin dropped two points from where he finished OVR on the 2010 at the last update - why the two point drop?

Left Outside Linebackers
Manny Lawson - 79 OVR, 89 SPD, 77 STR, 89 AGI, 95 ACC
Travis LaBoy - 64 OVR
Thoughts: We all know that LaBoy is better than a 64 OVR but he'll have to prove it coming off a huge injury - so I'm OK with it for now. Lawson is very fair for now.

Middle Linebackers
Patrick Willis - 99 OVR, 90 SPD, 88 STR, 88 AGI, 96 ACC
Takeo Spikes - 84 OVR, 74 SPD
Navorro Bowman - 73 OVR
Scott McKillop - 67 OVR
Matt Wilhelm - 67 OVR
Thoughts: Pretty fair, McKillop is a special teams guy and Wilhelm is the only outlier here, he should be rated higher but he probably won't even make the roster.

Right Outside Linebackers
Parys Haralson - 78 OVR 79 SPD
Ahmad Brooks - 75 OVR, 74 SPD
Thoughts: I'm surprised Brooks is as high as he is. He should play better and earn an increase. I will campaign for a speed boost to both players.

Nate Clements - 84 OVR, 86 SPD
Shawntae Spencer - 81 OVR, 88 SPD
Tarell Brown - 73 OVR, 87 SPD
Will James - 72 OVR
Karl Paymah - 64 OVR
Thoughts: I'm a renowned Paymah hater and I can tell he is too low. Deserves around a 68 for now. Spencer is underrated, I wouldn't mind a five point increase for him and a one point decrease for Nate. Do not agree with speed.

Free Safeties
Dashon Goldson - 80 OVR, 85 SPD
Curtis Taylor - 60 OVR
Thoughts: Hard to argue here, Goldson needs to be faster though. That speed rating is criminally low.

Strong Safeties
Michael Lewis - 80 OVR, 75 SPD
Taylor Mays - 71 OVR, 95 SPD, 94 AGI, 93 ACC, 68 STR
Reggie Smith - 64 OVR
Thoughts: Again, hard to argue, but I think Lewis deserves a much higher rating than that. Basically decent here.

Andy Lee - 94 OVR
Joe Nedney - 82 OVR

So do not make another Madden fanpost, this will serve for all discussion and help me organize our thoughts as a fanbase. Seriously, let's try and be as realistic as possible. So without further ado, give me your thoughts on the ratings that have already been revealed. Also, rec this.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Niners Nation's writers or editors.