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Golden Nuggets: Get 'em signed.

Morning folks, Ninjames here. The lack of links continues as the offseason continues. I really wish the 49ers would get some more rookies signed, that's the one thing we really have to look forward to right now. It appears the Rams have been pretty active on that front. I don't foresee many problems with getting these guys signed, the hardest one I imagine will be Taylor Mays - I'm sure his agent was talking him up on some very large dollar amounts, and then he fell far. I think he's the kind of guy who really wants to prove people wrong though, so while he will likely be the hardest to get signed, I don't see it being a really big problem.  I really hope we don't have anymore Michael Crabtrees this year... these guys all need to be playing. Anyway, I'l get to your few links that I actually do have for you.

Maiocco takes a look at the number of players who were kept last season at each position, and predicts how many will make it at each position this coming season. (

I figured I'd give you one of the worst articles I've ever read as far as not knowing what you're talking about goes. I'm sorry but I don't care if you don't believe in Franklin, which is understandable, or Sopoaga, who sucks - but to say Justin Smith is terribly overpaid is just insulting. The guy had as many hurries as DaMarcus Ware. Just awful defensive line rankings. (

The 49ers buzz is picking up steam - good stuff. I didn't read this article though, just sayin'. (

Lynch has a post about the roster, where there will be battles and the like. He calls it being "unsettled" but I think it's a bit overblown, personally. (

Brandon Jones is fighting an uphill battle for a roster spot. I really don't think he'll make it, nor do I think he has any trade value. (

The 49ers requested a rent cut at Candlestick park due to the lack of renovations and support. (

Rival Blog Buzz ROTB had a fantasy football post. Turf Show Times had their Random Ramsdom, and a bit about Mardy Gilyard and the team coming to terms on a contract. Field Gulls has a retrospective on Nick Reed

Yesterday On Niners Nation Kicked off with the Golden Nuggets, Fooch continued roster projections, looking at wide receivers, and a post by urnext, always good stuff for a change of pace. 

Today On Niners Nation (All times pacific and subject to change)

7:00 AM - Fooch will have a post about the importance of the 2010 season.

11:00 AM - I will probably have a player profile up here.

2:00 PM - Playing it by ear today, we'll get something up for you guys.