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Golden Nuggets: Saw it coming.

Good morning everyone. Ninjames here, getting you your Nuggets for the day. I have more than a couple for you today. I guess the big news is really a lack thereof--that of, the 49ers aren't likely to make any kind of move for free agent safety Oshiomogho Atogwe. It was a fun thing to flirt with I suppose, but in the end I don't think anybody really though the Niners were going to make a play for him. Well, at least I don't think any of us did. Is there anybody here who honestly thought the team would go for him? If so, what are your thoughts right now? I am happy with Goldson, I just hope he turns out to be a team player. Anyway, I have a good number of links for you today, so I'll get to them and stop my yammering. Enjoy folks.

The 49ers are reportedly not interested in Atogwe at all. I'm really, like I said, not surprised at all. (

Here is an article from the Chronicle about the state of the Bay Arena when it comes to its sports teams. The article makes many good points, but I, for one, feel like the statement about two football stadiums being built in the bay area an impossibility is merely an implausibility--I do not think the only solution is for teams to share stadiums, and it's not just wishful thinking. (

An article about Philip Adams and the extensive scouting process that the team went through. (

Patrick Willis' jersey is the best selling jersey for the 49ers and in the top twenty of the NFL. (

I usually love Sando's pieces, and I agree that Brandon Jones and Nate Clements should be on the overvalued chart, but Michael Lewis should be nowhere near that list. Did he watch any games? His numbers are completely reasonable. Sure he's been hurt, but how many games did he miss? Exactly. (

None of them are undervalued though. Uh. Is that good or bad? (

Dashon Goldson gets vote of confidence and also a challenge. (

Barber breaks down the 49ers roster then and now, detailing its changes. (

Q&A with Delanie Walker for Kids. (

Roger Craig will be waving the green flag at Infineon. (

Bob St. Clair: 10-Year club. One of my all-time favorite 49ers. (

Rival Blog Buzz I like how the beginning of the Flock of Links over at ROTB says "avian nuggets" ... how charming, and over at Turf Show Times they ask the question "Is there a market for OJ Atogwe?" and also have their link dump.

Yesterday On Niners Nation We started with the Nuggets, and then in the morning I had a player profile post on Takeo Spikes, Smileyman had a Football University post examining the Cover 4, Andrew Davidson had a post about's new fantasy football features, I had a post about NFL RedZone and it showing in Candlestick Park, and we closed with my second At Least We're Not... post.

Today On Niners Nation (All times pacific and subject to change)

7:00 AM - I will have a post up at this point.

11:00 AM - Josh Branco brings back "Know Thy Enemy" posts from last year with one at 11.

1:00 PM - Fooch will have a post about football experience, that is, any that any of you might have.

4:00 PM - I'll have something else, too. I've got two posts but I'm not sure which will go where yet.

49ers Tweet Of The Day "Calling It A Night, Goodnight Niner Nation And Can Wait To See Yall In The Pre-Season Im Working Hard For You Guys!" by Taylor Mays, whose Twitter is here. It's like.. it's like... he's talking directly to us!

Yesterday's Best Comment "No-one got best comment? Ha ha. Know what that means Tre? Normally you get beat by me; yesterday you got beat by nobody!" by LondonNiner. Always on the offensive. Though you leave yourself open for a lot of attacks.. Something akin to wearing bright red in the snow and marching in a straight line... I guess history repeats itself, huh?