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49ers TE Vernon Davis telling it like it is

I came across a re-tweet Matt Maiocco posted of Vernon Davis that I thought was intriguing. I went over to Vernon's Twitter page and there was a whole string of interesting tweets this morning:

I'm the best in the league and will be for the rest of this century.

My assistant just told me I don't need a store on my website because it wouldn't sell because the number 1 sellers are Jerry rice etc.

I'm about to go run routes for 3 hours after my commercial because that just pissed me off!!

Now I realize this is just some talk in June, but I still find this kind of talk interesting and even a bit refreshing. Whether you like Twitter or not, as we've said before, it certainly allows a player the opportunity to open up a bit more. When a player is faced by a bunch of reporters, there's no confusing what's going on, and it's easy for that player to clam up and just spout off the normal cliches.

When a player is on Twitter, they seem to have an easier time speaking their mind. Some players might forget this stuff goes out to the world, but for many, it's simply a way to control the message. The only way Twitter misquotes you is through typos. You have full control over the message and can say what you want. This has certainly led to some embarrassing gaffes for a few players, but overall I think it's a huge boon for fans.