Military on NN

Hey NN, I have never posted on this site but I have been following since the beginning of last season. I try to read every front page post and all of the comments and of course the fan posts and shots are occasionally interesting. I have been seeing a lot of military posting comments occasionally and I, for one love to see a niners fan in the service. I am in San Diego, in the navy, and I love showing my pride out here, especially with all these seasonal charger fans around and the countless fans of other teams in the service with me. Don't worry I already bought my tickets for December 16th's 49er vs Charger game. I was just curious to see who else makes this true 49ers nation fans so great and spread out. In turn, I want to know what branch you are and where you're at. I guess I'm posting this because I am a little tired of the quietness of the offseason right now.

Also, I'd like to say thank you to all of the great posts and the usual front page writers, fooch, ninjames, smileyman, drew k, josh branco. These are the usuals, but the truth is I think I've used an argument from everyone of you in a football debate lol. Yeah, I can check sando, barrows, maiocco, and various other good sports writers, but here, I can get all of the facts, stats, and news I need. Again, thank you ninersnation!

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