Can You Realistically Start Playing In College?

I got the idea to post this after reading the post about experience we've all had playing football. I've never played organized football, but always wanted to. I played for years on the street outside our house, 1 v 1 against my incredibly athletic older brother with an older sibling as permanent QB. It was like Marcus Hudson playing against Larry Fitzgerald with no safety help. To make matters worse, there was no pass rush. (Trust me, I know how Mark Roman feels.) As you can guess, I've never beaten my brother. However, I like to think my coverage skills have really improved with that kind of practice. I've learned to jam the receiver at the line of scrimmage, use my hands to slow him down. I can also play off coverage (10 yards deep) and force him into a bad route and jump the ball. What I'm wondering is if I can realistically walk onto my Junior College team. I'm 5'11, 175 pounds, and have never gotten into good shape. (Because of some stuff I've been through, for the past few years I've pretty much sat on a couch watching tv and eating junk food whenever I wasn't doing school.) I've done a zillion different outdoor activities though, from kayaking and crew rowing, to road biking, rec league basketball, High School tennis, and dancing. (My longest bike ride was a hilly 91 mile ride after literally sitting inside stuffing myself with junk food for three or four months. Yeah, I'm proud of myself.) I like to think that I've got pretty good balance and footwork from all the dancing I've done (ballroom, contra, tap, jazz, etc). I've got good leg muscle from biking, and learned burst, acceleration, footwork, hand eye coordination, wrist strength, etc from 2 years of tennis on my high school team. I've been held back by some mostly non-physical medical problems. These have kept me from being able to stick to any kind of a workout schedule, so I'm in bad shape and have terrible wind (fortunately I sing on stage and choir, so I do have a little). However, thanks to some expert help and breakthroughs by specialists, I'm finally getting my life back. What do you think, is it too late or can I realistically walk onto my junior college team? Competitive football experience is supposedly a requirement, so I guess I'd have to really show the coach something. I think with a good workout regimen I could end up at a good 185 pounds of solid muscle as I've got a big frame (which I can move around pretty well too). Thoughts?

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