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Caption This: Closing the book on Scot McCloughan

Alright, the time has come to put a nice big bow on the Scot McCloughan era and move forward. While it's true that he will be quite active for the division rival Seattle Seahawks, it's safe to say that most of us aren't worried about what he might have to say about the franchise to his new employers. We're all going to survive this whole period of time.

However, as has been requested by numerous folks, the era will not be sufficiently closed without a Caption This contest. I haven't quite figured out how frequently we'll have these Caption This contests, but this seems like a worthy picture to caption. Ninjames mentioned yesterday that it would be the last time he would use that image, but thankfully he's not quite yet the overlord here at Niners Nation!

While we all have our opinions on McCloughan's departure, let's try to at least be a little nice. Obviously we're looking for humor, but let's not be too crass with McCloughan. At the same time, it's all in the name of humor, so do what you've got to do.

I do think it will be interesting to compare the maneuverings of the 49ers and Seahawks now that McCloughan has signed on over there. He is basically the assistant general manager up there, as he will "assist General Manager John Schneider and Vice President of Football Operations Will Lewis in all aspects of building the roster." We always keep track of moves the rest of the division makes, but I'd imagine some of us will pay a bit closer attention to the Seahawks now that McCloughan is doing his thing up there.