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Golden Nuggets: National Coverage Feels Good

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Well lookie there, I've actually got some links for you today. The last couple days have been three links a piece but today looks a bit more fleshed out, but don't expect any breaking news or things of that nature. We've got some national media coverage of the 49ers, some thoughts on their chances to win the NFC West in 2010 (they're good, by the way) and things of that nature. The NFL Network analyzed the 49ers and their chances and overall I thought it was a pretty good look, there may be one or two factual errors but it's some pretty basic coverage of our team. They'll give you no new information, but I think it's important that they're getting in-depth looks (every team is getting them, but last year the bad teams got more broad, half-hearted looks, including the Niners) so that's cool. Anyway, here's your Nuggets to start off the day.

The NFL Network is breaking down 32 teams in 32 days and here is the link to the video for the 49ers. Brian Baldinger provided most of the analysis and I thought he did a pretty good job. I guess that's what a few more wins does for you. (

Kevin Lynch breaks down their analysis with some stats for those of you who can't watch the video or read everything ever posted about the 49ers like I do. (

Wooh more national coverage. It's a new Alex Smith for the 49ers, to be sure - and the article asks: will they win more? I think so. (

Yesterday I had a bit on the front page about Scot McCloughan and what he can do to affect the 49ers when it comes to what he can tell the Seahawks - I was basically echoing this article from Tim Kawakami. (

The 49ers are deeper at tackle, but don't expect that to mean they suddenly have some players with trade value. Don't expect, for instance, a trade with the Pittsburgh Steelers. (

Taylor Mays is like... uh... well, he's like Luke Skywalker. Not my words, of course. (

Maiocco answers a couple questions from Twitter. I'd think he could answer them ON Twitter, but ya know. (

Mic'd up with Coach Solari. I can't watch this right now, but I bet it's awesome. (

Catching up with Ronnie Lott. Never a bad time to revisit a legend, certainly. (

Rival Blog Buzz Nothing new at Revenge of the Birds. Field Goals has a 2009 season retrospective on Julius Jones. Turf Show Times talks about when the Rams will likely get Sam Bradford under contract, and a post about six players who have been recently released from the team.

Yesterday On Niners Nation Kicked off as usual with the Golden Nuggets, we had a post on the importance of the upcoming season, I opened up a fanpost for all Madden 11 49ers rating discussion, Fooch updated the fanpost about the SB Nation Bay Area meetup, and then we finished the day with a post about Scot McCloughan and what he could possibly tell the Seahawks.

Today On Niners Nation(All times pacific and subject to change)

7:00 AM - What's Your Confidence Level For Alex Smith?

11:00 AM - Caption This: Closing the book on Scot McCloughan

2:00 PM - I'll likely have a player profile for you on Delanie Walker

Yesterday's Best Comment t p gets it, but it's a long one so you can scroll to it in the comments here.